Feb 9, 2017

12 NIMC National ID Card Registration Common Question & Answers (FAQs)

If it is true that the more you know, the more you know you don’t know, then with all you have read about NIMC, NIMS, NIN and ID card, you surely must have some questions. I have taken some time to listen to what folks are asking about NIMC national ID card registration and researched out the answers for them. Do enjoy reading the answers to such questions that may concern you.

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1.    Why do I Need to Have My Fingerprints and Pictures Captured?

Under the NIN System, the number assigned to you is used to electronically tie together all your basic identifying details like fingerprints and face. It is not possible to steal, forge or lose the combination of all of these. These features are not likely to change soon. But your face may change as you age.
That is why years later you may need to walk back to the NIMC Registration Centre and have your face captured again. Since all these biometric data are unique to you, need to have them recorded to authenticate your identification.

2.    How Will My Personal Information Be Stored?

They will be stored in the National Identity Database in such a way that it will neither be exposed nor be lost. You will be able to use it anywhere in the country to prove your identity. Your personal data will not be accessible to anybody or corporate organisation not empowered by the law without your expressed consent and unequivocal authorization of the NIMC.

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Be informed though that there are some governmental agencies referred to as LEA (law enforcement agencies) like security, immigration, police, financial crime control agencies who are granted access to your data by the NIMC Act. At the same time, be rest assured that they will neither use nor release your information without a competent court order. And only the high-ranking officers of such agencies can be granted such permission.

3.    What If There Is Any Change in Your Personal Information?

There is a provision to update or amend your records on a legitimate ground, not for the sake of cloaking your identity to escape a criminal prosecution. For example, it is expected that a lady will change her surname after the change in marital status, your home address and employment (and status) may also change.
You simply need to fill a Change of Records request form online at www.nimc.gov.ng, print out the usual summary sheet and take it to any Registration Centres, or go the centre and fill a Change of Records form with or without assistance.
After verifying your identity against the existing records, the update will be added to your existing information. Thus, you maybe identified by both the previous and the new data.

4.    What Guarantee Is There That My Privacy Is Intact?

NIMC has conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to understand the level of risks to the individuals whose data are being collected for the purpose of identification. Based on their findings, they have taken some measures to protect them.
For instance, all those given access to some parts of the NIMS Database are to report the use of the data they have access to. They are also to report periodically to the NIMC how they have been safeguarding the information at their disposal. In short, the system is so comprehensive that it is capable of tracking the use and abuse of personal data and track down the user.

5.    How Soon Will NIN Be Issued for Me?

The NIMS architecture is designed in such a way that your NIN can be generated within seconds. Once your enrolment and the de-duplication processes are concluded and the data is received at the DATA Centre, your NIN is ready in a few seconds. However, your delivery channel (sms, email, or courier service) may determine how soon you will receive it. That means, it may take minutes, hours or days, in some cases, for your NIN to be ready.

6.    Will an ID Card Still Be Issued for Me?

While your NIN will call up your entire identity upon its presentation to the entitled stakeholders, your card presents a more flexible, more useful and more convenient way of proving your identity in different context and circumstances. It does not require any technology to identify yourself with your card in many cases. That is why an Id Card will still be issued for you.

However, it will be na├»ve to conclude that because you have other cards identifying you, there is a little or no need for a National Id card. The NIMC ID card is coded with the highest level security features that conform to various international standards (ISO 27001, ICAO 9303). Using a Card Access Device (CAD), it provides a conclusive proof of your personage in any level of dealings—financial or otherwise.

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7.    How Soon Will I Get My ID Card?

In principle, it takes no more than one month to get your card to you after your biometrics has been captured. It may take less than that (may be two weeks) if you go and pick it up yourself because the cards are produced en mass a week after the complete data have been entered and submitted.

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To allay the fear that your Id card may be given to a wrong person, the NIMC have taken some security measures to get the card to its owners. Cards are released only after a series of security and clearance checks have been conducted.

This invariably rules out a collection by proxy. Of course, you can track the progress of your card production online. And you will also be notified by an e-mail or sms when your card is due for collection.

8.    How Will the ID Card Look Like?

The National Identity Card is designed to conform to the international standard in all its features. In fact, it is a smart card with chips which contain the holder’s personal information, his NIN, signature, image and his fingerprints that are conspicuous enough to facilitate visual identification. Its security designed has taken its production above the fakers. The chip enables it to be read by CADs.

9.    How Will I Use My NIN and ID Card?

You are involved in different forms of transactions day in day out. This requires you to prove your identity or to submit a means of identification in case of resolution or reconciliation. Section 27 of NIMC Act of 2007 mandates all Nigerian residents and corporate citizens to respect a National Identity Card upon confirming its authenticity..

If in doubt, the doubting party may use the NIN on the card to call up the true identity of the owner online. A Card Access Device may also be used to verify the ownership of the card.

10.    What If I Forget My NIN?

It’s not yet over. You will be able to get it from the Registration Centre and you will be guided on how to get it back. You can as well fill out NIN Information Request Form online and take it any of the NIMC Contact Centres.

11.    What If My Card is Lost or Damaged?

It is better to keep your ID Card. But if you suspect that it is stolen, lost or damaged, immediately report at any of the NIMC offices close to where you are. The card and its components will be deactivated against your identity. It then becomes just any card to the carrier. It cannot be used by anyone in any situation where a validity check is required.

Of course, whether cancelled or not, your NIN cannot be used by any other person. You may apply to NIMC by filling out a Card Replacement Request form online at www.nimc.gov.ng. Once the Enrolment Officer concludes the verification of your identity against the existing record he will process the replacement.

This will take a maximum of 7 days. Of course, you are to pay for the replacement to impress the importance carefulness.

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12.    Am I to Pay for the ID Card?

No. The entire process of enrolment and the issuance of NIN and ID card is free. Let no one play a fast one on you. However, if you have lost, damaged or have your card stolen, you will pay if you apply for a replacement. This cost will be clearly stated and it is subjected to periodic review.

I believe with these questions adequately answered, any doubt, apprehension or reluctance from any quarters about NIMC, NIMS, NIN or ID card will be adequately taken care of.

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