Feb 2, 2017

Get Your National ID at the Snap of Fingers

 If you were 18 or above in 2002, you likely are still carrying about the National Id card issued then. Even then, the cumbersomeness of registration process and eventual collection might have taken the ID card beyond the reach of many would are eligible for it. You now have the opportunity to obtain the card with fewer hassles.

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With the establishment of the National Identity Management Commission (NIDC) in 2007, the whole process has been simplified. Now upon the successful completion of the registration process, a National Identification Number (NIN) is issued for you that will serve as a tracking your tangible ID card when it is eventually issued. Beyond the card, the NIN itself is worth your while.
By means of a couple of posts here, you will be adequately informed about how to process your registration.
For you to be registered, you will bring along any of the following documents to the registration centre:

1.    Your old National ID card (if you have)

2.    Your Valid Driver’s license (if you have)
3.    Your Valid International passport (if you have)

4.    Your Permanent Voter’s ID Card (PVC) (if you have)

5.    Your Staff Identity card (acceptable for civil servant only)
6.    Your State of origin certificate
7.    Your birth certificate or sworn declaration of age
8.    Any other valid ID document (as accepted by NIMC)
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There are basically three options for enrolment which are (1) Self Service (2) Assisted Service and (3) Mobile Service

Self Service

The self-service option is also referred to as “walk in and do it yourself” process. If you are opting for this, you as a NIN applicant will just walk to a nearby Enrolment Centre and pick up an Enrolment Form.
It is self-service because you do not need the assistance of any officer to fill the form. It is only after you have filled in the form that you will submit to the enrolment officer who will capture your biometric data and use the data you put in your Enrolment Form to process your enrolment.

                                   This option is summarized in the following seven steps:

1.    Walk in to an Enrolment Centre to pick up an Enrolment Form
2.    Fill in your demographic and any other required information into the Enrolment Form
3.    Submit the form to the Enrolment officer. He or she will input your details into Enrolment Application, the computer programme being used for the enrolment
4.    You will have to verify and confirm the data transferred from your form to the system to be sure that the information represents you
5.    Next is the capturing of your biometric data. This will include your headshot photograph, fingerprints of the 10 fingers, and signature
6.    Then, any of the 8 the supporting documents mentioned earlier will be scanned and attached to your data
7.    Wait a few seconds for your enrolment to be acknowledged. This Enrolment Application will confirm this by generating and printing out two  slips, namely (2) Transaction Slip and (2) NIN Slip

Assisted Service

In the option of assisted service, you will just “walk in and get assistance from a Support Officer.” It is similar to the self-service option. The only difference here is that it is provided for the applicants that cannot fill Enrolment Form for any reason.
A Support Officer is there at the Enrolment Centre to assist such applicant to correctly fill into the form the required personal information. After that, the seven steps above will be followed.

Mobile Service

This option presupposes that there are Mobile Enrolment Stations in every neighbourhood. If that is true in your own environment, the Mobile Service will work for your and process is quite convenient.
It involves you enrolling for your NIN by walking to the Mobile Enrolment Stations around you during any working hour. In this process, you will request an Enrolment Form and complete it with your data if you are able. If you are not able, a Support Officer is there to provide assistance.
The station is equipped to complete the process and this is done after your biometric data has been captured and the data in your enrolment form is filled into the system by the Mobile Enrolment Officer.

Take note that this process is entirely free. You are not supposed to pay any amount for any process, either at the Enrolment Centre or at the Mobile Enrolment Station. Do not let any unscrupulous officer play a smart
one on you. Some may request for an assistance fee or some processing fee to print out your slips.
You can keep in expectation of your card.

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