Feb 3, 2017

How to Enrol Online for NIMC & Get Your ID Card

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has been empowered to issue National Identity Number (NIN) the actual National ID. To make the whole process easier, provision has been made for whoever is able to register his or her demographic data online.
There is a segment called Pre-registration Portal in the National Identity Management System (NIMS), an online programme used in conducting the registration. From the comfort of your home, you can do the pre-enrolment for yourself. This involves the following 4 processes.

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Visit the NIMC pre-enrolment website, which is https://penrol.nimc.gov.ng  to access the Pre-Enrolment Portal. There you will see the online pre-enrolment web form. To be able to fill this form, you will have to create your user account and get a username and password. With this, you will be able to access your data in the future if you need to update any information or in case something changes in your data.


Fill the Enrolment Form online and supply the required data. There are 8 categories of data that you will fill here and you will come across each one under 8 different tabs. They are as follows:
•    Personal Details
•    Address Info
•    Parents Data
•    Next of Kin Data
•    Origin Data
•    Document Data
•    Disability Data and
•    Physical Features

 In each of the features, some fields are compulsory; if you don’t fill them, you can proceed to next stage. Therefore you need to have all your information handy before you continue.
At any point, you are at liberty to save and quit if you are not sure of something. After you have ascertained it, you can then come back to the portal, using your username and password you earlier created and continue with your data processing.


Crosscheck all the information you typed in and rule out any typo. At each stage you have three options of “cancel”, “back” and “proceed”. If you have made any mistake, you can always click “back” and correct any mistake you spotted.

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You will print out the generated 2 bar code that is included in the summary sheet. In the sheet, you will come across a message in the letterhead of the NIMC that reads thus, “Dear So and So, you have successfully registered your demographics on the National Identification Management System (NIMS) Pre-registration Portal . . . . .”

The unique barcode will appear on the bottom of the page. Please keep the Pre-Enrolment Barcode Output carefully because a barcode reader can read the code and have access to your personal information.
As soon as you are able, take the slip to the Enrolment Office closest to you. You will take along any Proof of Identification, which may be any of International Passport, Driving License, and Birth Certificate.

This supporting document will be scanned at the Enrolment Office or Mobile Enrolment Centre and attached to the data you have earlier typed in.

Then, your biometric (your headshot photograph and the 10 fingerprints) will be captured.
Your registration is completed when you have been given a Transaction Slip and a NIN Slip (containing your NIN).

Ideally and in principle, your card is supposed to be delivered to you at the address you supplied. However, for any security reason, you may have to the collection centre go and pick it up after proving that you are the owner. Though you will be notified if the card is ready, but you can always track the progress of your card at www.nimc.gov.ng.

I will tell you about the acronyms being used in the process in a later post.

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