Apr 10, 2017

Airtel smartROAM: All You Need to Know + Rates & Eligibility While You Are Abroad

It’s like Airtel is the communication network for travelers. The reason? Okay, check out this Airtel smartROAM. As if all they gave us as options in Airtel smartVALUE, Airtel premierCONNECT and Airtel smartPREMIER are not enough, they still come up with the Airtel smartROAM.

Benefits of Airtel SmartROAM

Airtel smartRoam is the plan that gives Airtel subscribers the opportunity to receive free incoming calls while they are roaming on 10 different networks in 5 different countries. To enjoy this, the subscriber must have recharged up to ₦5,000 or more in a given month.
This can be earned through a single recharge of that amount once a month or cumulatively in that same month. This means that if you recharge ₦1000 five times or ₦500 ten times, you are still eligible. Just anyhow it goes, so far it reaches ₦5000 in total in a month. You can recharge through VTU, ERC, ATM or just any means of recharge.

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Once that level is reached you will be able to receive calls when you are away in countries like Saudi Arabia, South Africa, The United Kingdom, United States and United Arab Emirate. The free calls are valid for 30 days. After the 30 days, you will have to recharge ₦5000 again to continue your eligibility for those benefits. These benefits will be attached to your line within 48 hours of recharging.

However, if you upgrade your credit limit in a particular month, you will not enjoy the benefits of Smart ROAM till the following month.

Post-paid subscribers, are you there? This Airtel offer is for you big guys. But you can’t enjoy smartROAM thorough ME2U transfer of creditAnother benefit is that your ₦5000 remains in your account to use for sms data or roaming calls, even if your account balance is less than ₦5000. Since you have hit the ceiling that month. But you shouldn’t expect any discount on your calls, sms and data rate. They are charged at standard roaming rates.

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Let me quickly inform you that there is a limit to the amount of free minutes of receiving calls that you can enjoy. It’s 300 minutes per month for calls in the United Kingdom, United States and South Africa while it’s 100 minutes per month for calls you can receive while in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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