Apr 8, 2017

Airtel smartTRYBE Junior: Cool Tariff Plan for Students and Parents

Airtel SmartTRYBE Junior is a plan that runs an educational App on all android devices. It is designed in form of instructional materials for the wards and children of primary and secondary schools. It has a 3D interactive multimedia program that is based on the standard academic curriculum and various exam syllabuses.

It’s designed especially with students in West African sub-region, especially Nigeria, in mind. It incorporates materials like flash cards (more 50,000), Continuous Assessment, Exam prep, Lab simulations etc.

Benefits of Airtel smartTRYBE Junior

The content is in conformity with the curriculum designed by the Federal Ministry of Education. The rate is 40 kobo per second for the 1st minute and 20 kobo per minute for the subsequent calls.

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You also get to call the usual top 5 international destinations of US, Canada, UK land line, India and China at the rate of 30 kobo per second. Sms costs ₦2 per sms to local line and ₦15 per sms for the international line.

The most obvious (neither the only nor the best) advantage of this plan is the Family and Friends rate. The cost of calls to registered numbers on this is 11 kobo per second and ₦2 per sms. 

Other benefits of smartTRYBE Junior include:

  • Kids with smartTRYBE Junior will enjoy free airtime to call their parents
  • Anytime the parents recharge, 10% is credited to the kids’ line
  • They will also enjoy 100% bonus of data purchases from 200MB and above and much more
  • In addition, every airtime recharge of ₦200 gives 15 MB bonus of data per week
  • The courses that are approved by NERDC are presented in a simple format that makes learning interesting for the kids.
  • The educational content of this app covers up to 15 subjects from Primary 1 to SSS 3.
  • When you use data on this app, you don’t incur any data. It’s zero-rated

Before you migrate to this plan, you have an option of choosing among various sub-plans, from daily to annually. Check the table below for clarity of what I’m saying.

Validity Period
1 day
7 days
Monthly Lite
30 days
Monthly Full
30 days
90 days
365 days

Are you a parent, or a school child? And you feel like migrating right away? There you are already.

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How to Migrate to SmartTRYBE Junior

The code is *317#. Connect to it from your Airtel line. Firstly, you will need to download the app. The app is available on the Google apps store. Use “smartTRYBE” as your search word.

It’s available only to the prepaid customers.

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