Apr 14, 2017

Airtel smartVALUE: Benefits + Migration Codes for Local & International Call

 As you are basking in the Euphoria of Airtel smartPREMIER, see how you are greeted by another goodie from Airtel. This is the Airtel smartVALUE tariff plan. This plan is quite revolutionary. How?

For local calls, it is 15 kobo per second flat. You don’t have to pay any daily access fee or any daily or monthly rental charge. It’s automatic. And as for the international calls, it’s 20 kobo per second.

Benefits of Airtel smartVALUE

I think it’s this international calls aspect of it that is the strong side to this Airtime smartVALUE tariff that makes it attractive to the subscribers. Presently, calls are made to countries like USA, Canada, China, India and UK landline at 20 kobo per second flat.

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This plan is available to all prepaid Airtel subscriber whether new or the existing ones. However, like some other juicy plans on this the Airtel network, it’s beyond the reach of post-paid customers and those carrying staff prepaid lines.

As for the SMS, it is charged at the regular rate of ₦4 per SMS to any local destination and at the rate of ₦15 per SMS to international destinations.Do you see some semblance between this Airtime smartVALUE and it smartPREMIER counterpart? I think they are just alternatives if you calculated well. Your basic need will determine which of them you will opt for. Both are equally sweet.

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How to Migrate to Airtel smartVALUE

If you want to migrate to this plan, dial *314#. Migration is free for the first migration of the month. Subsequent migration within the same month will attract a charge of ₦100.
If you want to opt out of this plan, just dial the migration code for the plan you desire.

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