May 15, 2017

Fastest Way To Fund Your Payoneer Card/Account In Nigeria

Hello everyone and welcome to this post on the fastest and easiest way to fund your Payoneer card or account here in Nigeria.

While there are several ways to fund your Payoneer card or deposit money into your account, this method makes i.t a lot easier and fast. That you may even get dollars in your card in less than 30 minutes.

Which method am I talking about? 
Fund Payoneer card
Well the the easiest way to fund a Payoneer account is by getting a friend or fellow Payoneer account holder to transfer an agreed amount of Payoneer dollars into your own Payoneer account. To enable you make use of your Payoneer card for online purchases, make payments as well as do other things.

Now you may see it as something that is not so easy to do. Given the fact that you may not know of any one having a Payoneer account. 

And even if you do know of someone having a Payoneer account, most of them may actually not have funds in it. Leaving you with the difficulty of having to go looking for one. This is where we come in. But first let's see;

Uses Of Payoneer Dollars/Fund/Card

A lot of people fund their Payoneer account with dollars and then use it for so many things. Which include but not limited to;

==>1. Buying goods online from abroad (importation business)
A buyer used his payoneer card for importaion on Aliepress 

==>2. Payments online (school fees, Visa application fees, buying/renewal of domain and hosting plans etc)

==>3. Running of Facebook adverts. 

==>4. Some load their account with dollars in other to cover for expedite shipping of your Payoneer card. If the free option didn't work for you. 

Why People Prefer Payoneer MasterCard To Bank Dollar Cards

==>1. If you follow this post, its easy to get Payoneer funds compared to funding your bank dollar card.
==>2. Payoneer funds are a lot cheaper than dollars at the parallel market
==>3. Payoneer cards are easy to get while a dollar card will require a domiciliary account along with 2 reference and other minor requirements.
==>4. Payoneer cards are free. You can even get free $25 for owning one

The Fast & Easy Payoneer Card/Account Funding Method

The easiest and fastest way to fund your Payoneer account is through an exchanger who supports not just buying of Payoneer funds but also selling of the funds.

Since they get individuals willing to sell their Payoneer dollars on a regular bases, they will always have funds and can transfer to your account at will.

Before now, we only exchange Payoneer dollars for naira at a very good rate. But after so many requests from people, we've also decided to sell. So as to help curb the difficulties faced by majority when searching for Payoneer funds.

How To Fund Your Payoneer Card Account Through Us

Its easy! All you have to do is;

==>1. You must have an active Payoneer account. Whether or not you've activated your card.
==>2. Then contact us on WhatsApp using this number 07030602334 or on Telegram using this username: @uchefrancis
==>3. We reply instantly on Whatsapp. You just have to tell us the amount you need. We discuss the rate and you pay the equivalent.
==>4. After payment, we will credit your Payoneer account with the agreed amount of Payoneer dollars.

For previous proof of payment, kindly check out our buying page here. When selling to us, payment is usually instant. However, when funding, it depends on the flow of funds, but you will be credited the same day. So do well to reach us on time because it's first come, first serve.

Our Contact Details
Chat up on Whatsapp with 07030602334
Telegram: @uchefrancis

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  1. Please i have received and activated my payoneer, but the issue is how to input my local bank to it. In the homepage, am not seeing WITHDRAW thanks

    1. Hello bro

      Its good to have received and activated your Payoneer card. However, while its possible to withdraw from Payoneer to local bank account, Nigeria is not yet in the list of supported countries. Which is why majority sell to exchangers like us.

      You can see our post on withdrawing from Payoneer to bank here for more info. Also you can GO HERE to sell your funds to us at a very good rate in naira.

  2. Awesome article, I will start using these cool methods for my Payoneer account now

    1. Good bro. Looking forward to transacting withing you bro.

  3. Do you have any idea when Nigerian will be on the list of valid country that allows payoneer bank transfer?

    1. No bro. I believe only payoneer can answer that.

  4. Thank God I found this site, very trustworthy

  5. Payoneer recently removed the withdrawal to bank on some countries maybe, same thing liberty reserve did before crashing, i just hope it lasts..

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  6. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.