Jul 2, 2017

How to Enable the Hidden Multi Window Features on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Restrictions are inconvenient, and for this reason, Mod has sought to soften the limitations on many features of a smartphone. Things, like adding favorite applications to the Registry Drawer window or selecting any application to put a multi-window, are now indispensable in Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

 Our hardware is very powerful because it is limited to Samsung functions, so today I will show you how to enable some hidden features that allow you to enable multi-window on your smartphone. That means you are going to have four windows/screen at once. With this wonderful features, you can float windows anywhere on your desktop. the device.

During the examination of Android framework file, an Android developer whose name is "Xperiacle" Discovered that floating, docking, and quad-view features were all present, but deactivated options for Multi-window mode. By modifying these files, he was able to give us a way to test them, all you need is a rooted Galaxy Note 3 and an application modification app, called MultiWindow Plus.

Enabling MultiWindow Plus Features on Your Note 3

With only a few functions to enable, the MultiWindow Plus main page is simple, allowing you to activate one or two settings (or both).
  • Dockable - Creates a floating window from any app in the Multi Window drawer
  • 4-Window - Allows up to 4 windows on the screen at one time

Once the functions are enabled and the bar next to the multi-window mode is swiped to the right from its "default" setting, you are prompted to restart the machine for the changes to take effect.

Using the Docking Feature for Floating App Windows

With the Docking functions, just pull an application anywhere on the screen on the multiple window tray. This creates a floating window, similar to the one made by the pen window feature in air command. Once you place it down, you will be able to move it around and resize it.

Moreover, you can use the docking device anywhere on the device, without having many windows open. Simply drag the application anywhere and you will have a floating window, as in the screenshots below.

Using the 4-Window Feature for Enhanced Multitasking

With the function of four windows, you can pull up to four applications from the multi-window apps drawer anywhere on the screen. This creates four small squares, so be careful when selecting applications, as some functions may be lost due to construction size.


Restoring Multi Window Mode Back to Its Original Settings

If for any reason you want to go back to the original functionality of Multi Window, first you must disable the features within the MultiWindow Plus app. Then uninstall the app like you normally would for any other app, and reboot your device.
What do you think of MultiWindow Plus, and what cool functions have you found for four windows? Let us know in the comments below.

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