Jul 12, 2017

How To Make it Big As a Freelance Writer in Nigeria

Freelance writing is one of the jobs freelancers do online. As with most online businesses, freelance writing has a potential to fetch 7-figure income monthly. Some celebrated freelancers writers even say if you make ₦150,000 monthly you are lazy. They said if you double your efforts, your success stories starts from making that same amount weekly. Indeed, freelance writing is a lucrative employment for any strong and experienced Nigerian writer who knows his onions. 

First believe that Nigeria is a diverse country that many intend to peer into and understand the goings-on. Hence Nigerian freelancers have a well-paying job of keeping worldwide readers abreast. To make it big in that endeavor, adopt the following strategies.

freelance writing job

==>1. Render Complementary Services

If you want yourself to be known, you don’t aim at the reward immediately. You need to initially discover prospects that are likely to take a chance on ‘JJC’ freelancers with your kind of skills and passion and experience. Concentrate on them at first. What you do for them forms an archive of your writing samples and recommendations. Your future clients have gotten something to peer into when ascertaining your worth and credibility as a freelance writer. It also exposes your style, strength of your personality and your uniqueness. Make sure you do that for reputable clients who should be in a niche at the spot of your search for huge ones. It’s your immediate reward if they recommend you as they are okay with your writing.

==>2. Connect With Family and Friends

Since you are into a legitimate business, why hide from your folks and peers? They may know someone who needs services of a freelance writer. While not sounding desperate, you are marketing your business in an effective way if you are telling all your friends and loved ones you are a freelancer and are desire to expand your clientele. Do you think they would turn a deaf hear or blind eye if they stumble on a need for your services. Experience has shown once that once they read or hear anything about your skill, you are the first point of call in their mind.

==>3. Create Your Website or Blog and Keep Working on It

Here you can showcase for your writings that have gained positive reviews. Most of the freelancers don’t like to talk about themselves while they can offer something about virtually everything. But personality profile is the first selling point for the employee in any field of endeavor. Tell interesting stories about what makes you the type of freelancer you are. On your blog, let them know what you love to do for clients. Highlight your strength and potentials. Otherwise, the fear of scam might drive away a potential client from an anonymous freelancer. So let world know you.

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==>4. Operate in a Network

While it is possible to make connections online, meeting people in your locality can be a good start. Starting a network of freelancing within your locality can be a start. Your acquaintances that have gotten to know what you are doing now can refer you to others. The strategy though can take months to yield result, it helps build stronger relationships. Place order for a few business cards on VistaPrint in this regard. Use it as a contact tool. Emphasize for those you meet how you solve clients' problems. You can say something like, "I help businesses tell moving stories that glue their clients to their businesses."
email marketing

==>5. Emails

Use e-mails as letters to introduce yourself to prospective clients and ask if they need your services with assurance of quality delivery. In such emails, refer to referrals from among those your targets are familiar with. Familiarize with the tone and style of your target audience and write in a language that will appeal to them. As you understudy them, try and identify their current need, highlight it for them with an assurance that you can fill it. It might be that their brochure is less informative or that their blog is not updated frequently. Whatever your pick is, be sure you are not criticizing. In the conclusion of your email take your communication one step further, by directing them to a link to your blog where they see samples of your capabilities.

==>6. Write Query Letters

A purposeful query letter may be all you need to land you a job of lifetime opportunity even as a new freelancer. Find out what your target market is interested in and what they have written about not long ago. Suggest the ideas that are ideal for their publication. Make sure you carefully carve a catchy headline and subheadings and retain their publication style. If you are not yet an established writer, quote at least one respected source. If you adopt their style, the editor of the page can easily envisage your work as part of their pages. Say a little less about yourself. Don’t assume you are the editor. Let them tell you how many words they want from you.

==>7. Phone or Internet Calls

Many new freelancers dread making a cold call. But it works. Marketing email is fast losing its appeal and effectiveness. Cold call is a means of making connections with your clients quickly.  Those you catch up with on social media might agree to an Internet call if you propose. It makes communications faster and conclusions are more easily reached.

==>8. Stay With Best Job Boards

If you don’t want to be duped and get robbed of your intellectual property, avoid mass boards. For a starter, bidding on Fiverr, Elance or Upwork might give some push but you need not hang around these. If you knew you have quality to deliver, try and reach out to clientele on market like job boards on Linked, ProBlogger, freelancers.com. Freelance Writers Den, Gorkana alerts have various services for new and experience freelancer. The secret is search to bid on site where fewer freelancers ply their trade. That gives you a competitive edge in bidding.

==>9. Make Good Use of Social Media

Take some time every day to hang around in some social media. Just be sure you have target because social media can be somewhat time waster if you are not disciplined. Make friends there and determine friends that contribute positively to your goal. It may take some for it to materialise but it will be worth it. Start with successful people in your niche and prospects. Follow their conversation and share in it. Over time, they will get to know your name by the time you sense you’ve meant something to them, reach out. Ask questions that tell you their interest but not probing them. That not only tells you whether or not to follow, it also sparks their interest. With time, doing that will let you identify platforms where your prospects hang out.

==>10. Don’t Work Alone

Yes, you do the writing alone, but not so with the marketing. It will be easier for you to work with other freelancers. It’s good to have a mentor. No freelancer has all the skills to freelance. An amalgamation of different skill will get you best material that can ever be produced. Those is your niche or even in other niche that see you as a partner in progress will first consider you when they land a project that requires your skills. Keep up with those in that network to see how they are faring and why they are faring that way.
If you adopt these ten strategies and follow through, you are bound to make it big as freelancer in Nigeria. Try and develop a purposeful marketing plan and work with it. Keep analysing it to see areas for improvement. Adjust it as your experience tells you. You are on the way to the top.
This is an example of how a Nigerian teenager started earning on his way up using these strategies.
a freelancer's earning
A Nigerian Newbie freelancer earning chart

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