Nov 28, 2017

Grow Your Business Wth Any Of These Smartphone Apps

Everything keeps improving day-by-day through technology.  In the world today, things are getting more easier and faster. On the issue of business, businesmen and women and no longer spending much time in their office since technology has make things easier and faster. You now see most of them busy with their phone often and often while at home, in their car or anywhere they find themselves.. Most of the uses this their phone to promote their business, do follow up with their clients through different apps.

There are so many apps today which makes life easier, for instance.. Businessmen and women can do follow up with their clients in oversea, enables them to receive and send payment of goods and so on.  So today, I will be showing you some of the apps business users should have on their smartphone which are the best smartphone apps for business users

Here Are The Apps Business Users Need For Effective Grow Of Their Business

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>>Business Card Reader: 

Business cards are part of every business person’s life because it's useful for their day-to-day running if their business activities. With an app like Business Card Reader, you can now simply scan someone’s business card and the app will automatically add all the information you will ever need to this contact to your phone.


In every business, Accounting is very essential  and if you wish to stay involved with this aspect of your business too, then FreshBooks is the app to download. Its versatility and ability to synchronize with other software you have in your business set it apart from the competition. With FreshBooks, you will stay on top of your company’s finances wherever you go and whatever you do.

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I know some of you will have heard about pCloud but not knowing the usefulness.There are plenty of cloud storage apps out there, but a business person needs to know their data is going to be secure. So pCloud is needed here, with their client-side encryption which couldn’t be hacked by teams from Berkeley and MIT, just to name a few. Their app is very easy to use, but it's security is very tight which makes it the best cloud storage app for a business user.


As the name implies (TheStreet) one of the most popular stock market websites in existence and their app brings all of this information, news, analysis and more to your mobile device. It allows business user who make use of this app to know what is happening on the stock market


A successful business person will always be informed with the latest  from the world of business and finances. An app that will make sure you miss nothing important from your industry or the world of business in general is Feedly. It will help you subscribe to RSS feeds from all of the websites you should follow and it will also allow you to customize the way in which you get the news.

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