Nov 14, 2017

How To Make Money Wiith WEMA BANK ALAT

WEMA Bank is one of he great banks that give opportunity to their client to earn from them anytime, anyday. Though I use to think that banks can't provide a way for their customers to earn from them because they are bank and it's meant deposit, transfer and withdraw money so my thinking is that the only thing they can do is to make banking easier and faster like providing mobile Banking app which makes us to perform more transactions on it with ease without going to bank.

I want you to understand that WEMA BANK is the first to introduce the digital bank in Nigeria in which your debit card will be brought to your doorstep, you don't need to be present in the bank at all,  this service is called ALAT
ALAT is a digital banking service powered by Wema Bank Nigeria, it is 100% digital which allows you to do all your banking transactions without being physically present at a bank. Alat digital bank allows you to open a free, fully functional savings account using just your BVN and phone number in exactly 5mins. No paperwork required!
ALAT by Wema bank is much more reliable and convenient. ALAT digital banking help you put money away easily by automating your saving, make sure your bills are paid on time with its scheduled payment feature and deliver a free debit card (ALAT ATM Card) to your doorstep, you can activate, lock and unlock from your phone to use anywhere in Nigeria.

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While making use of this ALAT service, you can get paid when you refer a friend to open and fund an account also. Just get your referral code and promote it on social medias like Facebook, Twitter

I give kudos to  Wema bank for being the pioneer of this innovative in Nigeria. They now make banking more easier for the people, going to bank will now have limit, as for me... I might not go to bank at all since my debit card will be brought to my doorstep and I deposit through my smartphone so tell me, why do I have to go to bank?

NOTE: This is not a scam, I know some of you will be thinking if you can trust this, well I can't really put blame on you because the situation in Nigeria does not allow one to trust this kind of thing because sometimes, i once asked myself if I could trust this or do it but I never got an answer for myself, so I had to do the needful. ALAT is confirmed to be owned by WEMA Bank Plc, which is a financial institution in Nigeria, a bank to be precise. And after so many researches, WEMA Bank as claimed to be the owner of ALAT, not just ALAT claiming to be owned by WEMA, But WEMA Bank Nigeria Plc claimed its ownership. They also have a very responsive and caring customer care service, they are ready to listen to your complaints and also ready to get them solved as soon as possible.

I know you will be asking yourself now how you can register ad earn, very simple.. Just follow the below procedures.

How To Register In Wema Bank ALAT And  Earn As Well

>>Firstly of all, you have to download ALAT app by Wema, for now the app is available only on Android and iOS devices.

For Android users, download it from Google Play Store Here

For iOS users, download it from
App Store Here

>>After downloading and installing the ALAT application, then you need to sign up and fill in your details.

>>You need your Bank Verification Number (BVN) to open the ALAT bank account with your phone number.
>>After providing the BVN, click next, where your full name would be uploaded already and you’ll be told to fill in your Date Of birth and also A REFERRAL CODE. Copy this JSAXP3 and paste in the referral section.

>>You will have to upload your documents and that involves your ID card, written of your signature in white paper with a pen, taking a picture of yourself, and upload them.

>>Fund your account with as low as 500 Naira (through a bank transfer or by clicking on "fund account") for your account to be activated and functioning and that’s it, You Now have a fully functioning bank account that can send money, receive money, save money, buy airtime, buy Data, you can withdraw your money via ATM Machine using your ALAT debit card.

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How To Earn...

>>Refer anyone to open ALAT Wema bank account with your own referral code which you'll find when you click on "refer a friend" and you will earn 500 Naira on each person. More also, for the first 10 people you referred, you will earn 5k and then will be given a bonus of 5k making it 10k.
Remember to fill your detail with referral code: JSAXP3

You may have issues In your first login, simply click on "Forgot your Password?" and reset your password to the initial one through the Password Reset Notification sent to email and after that, your account will work fine.

More so, go to the profile section and fill in your details, ensuring that all the ticks are green so that your account does not become restricted.

After all this, just wait for your debit card to be shipped to your doorstep moreover, you can start referring and earn

You can also sign up via this URL with any browser:

But, to get your referral code, you must use Alat app via Android or iOS device.
Happy earnings, More funds to your ALAT account.

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