Nov 22, 2017

How You Can Recover Your Deleted WhatsApp Messages Easily

I wonder where Mark is taking Whatsapp to, i never believe i can recover my deleted whatsapp message until i came across this and put it into practice, though i have been awaiting this features since but once i search the internet and can't find anything relatee to it, i felt discouraged but now and so glad when i came across and i know that my people are also this kind of post for long so i have to share it write some note that will make you feel it's real and then pass it across to you.

This feature was unveiled last month which enables the users to unsend an embarrassing message within seven minutes of sending it. Once deleted from the senders end’ automatically delete the message from the receivers end too. Am sure you are flowing with me?

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But recently, a Spanish blog claims that the deleted WhatsApp messages can still be accessee by the recipient by just making use of the "Settings". The recipient can easily access the deleted messages regardless whether it has been deleted from sender's end, it does not affect totally to the recipient.

Am sure you have heard notification log... If not, Notification log allows the users to see deleted whatsapp messages anytime, anyday.. So while users may not be able to see the message within WhatsApp after it is deleted, they can still see it in the notification log which can be accessed in two ways. Now I want to explain in details to you on how to access deleted Whatsapp messages, I will be showing you two methods to do that, Check it out below..


First Method: Check it out below...

1. Download " notification history" from the appstore
2. Search the message in the Andrtion log.

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NOTE: Users will only be able to view the first 100 characters of deleted messages, and the notification log will clear every few hours, or any time the device is restarted. Please and Please, try these steps when you are alone to avoid  intruder accessing your data or whatsapp message because our whatsapp is used for different things.

Second Method: These are the steps below..
1) Press and hold home screen
2) Press widgets icon
3) Scroll down to Settings
4) Drag and drop onto home screen
5) Click on widget
6) Scroll down and click on the notification log
8) Now, you can click on the message you want to see

Also Note that this trick currently works on Android 7.0 only. Stay tuned, if you have any addition, subtraction or question,  please use the COMMENT BOX below.

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