Dec 20, 2017

How To Protect Your SmartPhone From Being Hacked

Most of us keeps our data mostly in our Android phone simply because you can easily access it anytime and anywhere, Androidis very easy yo hack if you are not conversant with it, hacker will easy penetrate into it. Take a look at it, some people store their Bank account number on phone and even the PIN while some have the application on their phone for mobile banking because with mobile banking, you can easily make transfer, top up airtime, pay bills and lot more and I know most of us usually get annoyed whenever their is queue in the bank so am sure, most Smartphone users will have their respectives bank app on their phone.
I will  prove to you according to my research that Android is the most attacked mobile.

No matter if you have some confidential data on the phone or some private conversations, your phone is yours only and unless you hand it to someone to take a look at things you choose to show, data and media on it are for your eyes only. Well, let me go straight to the point, Here are the few things you have to consider to protect your data from getting hacked

>>Insert Lock Key In Your Smartphone:

Putting PIN on your android phone is very essential and it also risky but if you put PIN on your android device it makes it difficult for people to access into your data anyhow, the risky part is that you have to always remember the PIN you use for your smartphone so you can ala have access to it anytime because if you also forget the PIN you used, you will not be able to have access to your phone so try to use something you know you can't forget for life as your PIN like your birthday date, your surname e.t.c. Also, when you are dealing with some sensitive data, make sure you have a backup of your passwords and data. Using the same password or the same system for all passwords is a capital NO if you want to be safe from attacks on your privacy.

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>>Be Well Equipped:

Being well equipped and well informed can do half of work for you. Acquiring mobile accessories that can help protecting your phone is essential. As there is a wide choice of those gadgets, you can seek advices from professionals in android mobile phones online shops, who can give you instructions in case of phone hacking or some measures for preventing this to happen. Visiting forums is also a good source of information because you can encounter with people with similar problems and their ways of dealing with them.

>>Don't Trust Too Much:

This simply mean, don not put your trust in all sites or apps because some of them try to get user info and use it as scam, this is some of the simplest things you can do to protect your phone have one same distinction: don’t trust everything on the internet. Exposing your phone to sites and apps which can have a negative influence on your privacy is never a wise choice. No matter how the app may be, try to do your research on how secure that app and its updates are, you must read everything about the app before allowing it to have access to your phone.

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>>Be Conversant With The Latest Update On Tech.

Trying to know the latest updates helps you to know the thing in town so if you want to do things, you will do it in the latest way. Don’t let yourself lag behind the technological changes. Try to keep up with security improvements that are happening. And make your smartphone keep up too, by regularly updating your safety protocols.

>>TopUp Your Security Level:

For example, if you insert a lock key on your snartphone, fine, it's normal.. But to topup your security, you can insert PIN in a folder that contains a vital information because we have some people that can bypass the screen lock but if you insert a second layer security on your folder that contains vital info, he will not be able to had access to that particular folder. There are various apps for this purpose, such as free Android application, App Lock, programmed to lock, NOTE:  not every app on the device, but the ones which contain vital information.

>>Securing Your Network:
Network is one of the easiest place where you can enter into another person privac, Try WiFi you are making it easier for hackers to get to your personal information if you didn't do the needful so to do the needful, you have to insert password the access the WiFi also, by doing this.. You are on a safer side.

If you follow this advice strictly, you can be sure your phone and all the information are safe.
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