Dec 26, 2017

How You Can Fix Your Smartphone Wi-fi Connection Problem With Ease

Wi-Fi connection problem is so frustrating that if it occurs you won't like to listening to what anybody is saying, you will just br annoyed unnecessarily especially if it's very urgent to go online

Wi-fi connectivity issue is very essential to Android user most expectially while iOS are exceptional. Today, we will be showing you some possible solutions on how to fix any wifi connectivion problem on any smartphone device.

Well, I will be showing you some steps to try and am very sure that any of it will work for you, so you can try from the first to the last to know the one that works for you.

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First Step
>> Reboot your router and try reconnecting to Wi-Fi from your phone.
>> Reboot your phone and try reconnecting to Wi-Fi.
>>Verify Wi-Fi by connecting with another device.

Second Step..
>>Select Wi-Fi from the Quick Settings drop down on the home page.
>>Select Forget and then reconnect.

Third Step
>> Access the Wi-Fi menu from Settings then select the three dots in the top right.
>>Select Advanced, then Wi-Fi frequency band. It should be set to Automatic.
>>Manually select the frequency used by your router.
>>Try to reconnect to Wi-Fi.

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This last step is about resetting all connection from the phone. This will also reset your cell connection and Bluetooth settings so use at your own risk.

Last Step
>> Navigate to Settings then Backup and reset.
>>Select Network settings reset and then Reset settings.
>>Once the reset is complete, attempt to reconnect to Wi-Fi.

That's all about those steps, am very sure that one of the above steps will work out for you.
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