Jan 19, 2018

How To Set Up Trusted Contacts On Your Facebook

We all know that Facebook is a social media where millions of users visit daily to get themselves updated with everything that's happening in their circle, some of you at some point in life, may have faced issues while logging in. Not only this, but there are also some people who log out and forget their password which is very rampant.

To tackle the issue of users facing problems while logging in, Facebook introduced something called as 'Trusted Contacts'. This feature lets you choose any of the three members from your FB friend list who can let you log in to you account in case you are logged out and are not able to log in.

If you are logged out, you can use this feature to get a code, with which you can log in securely back in to Facebook. It is possible to set up 'Trusted Contacts' from both desktop and mobile. Here are the steps...

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How To Set Up Trusted Contact On Facebook

For Mobile Users:

>>Click on the three line icon on the top-right corner when in News Feed.

>>Scroll down the list and tap on 'Account Settings' under 'Help and Settings' option.

>>Click on 'Security and login' option.

>>Scroll down and tap on 'Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you are locked out'

>>Tap on 'Choose trusted contacts' option and select three to 5 members from the list.

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>>Once done, you can later edit the list or remove all members at once.
That all on mobile

For Desktop users...
>>Click on the arrow down icon at the top-right corner.

>>Click on 'Settings'

>>Tap on 'Security and Login'

>>Under 'Setting Up Extra Security', click on 'choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out' option.

>>Then select three to five members from the list.

>>That's all.. you can later edit the list or remove all the members at once.

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