Feb 27, 2018

5 Best Cloud-Storage Apps To Use On Your Android Device

We have to always consider that our device or computer storage will get filled up one day and there will be need to save aom some particular files on it but since there is no space on any of your device or computer and you don't wish to delete any file on them, you have to find an alternative means to do so...that is why Cloud Storage is needed but you have to select the best out of the rest. I really love using the cloud storage to store almost all my files since have started using it, I don't have issues with storage anymore. This is efficient and portable as you no longer have to carry a hard drive around.

Note that you can also use your phone to retrieve your files and  It is all because of cloud-storage apps that are right for the taking. If Android is your go-to OS, then these are the apps that will manage and store your files, just take a look at all these that are as follows

1. Amazon Cloud Storage

First off is Amazon Cloud Storage. This app comes with Amazon Prime and is a great choice for storing your photos and videos. Free users can get about 5GB of memory to store their music, videos, and other content. They can upgrade it to unlimited storage for over $60 a year.
You can use the app even without the Prime. But if you want to have access to 5GB of RAM, you will need to pay about $12 a year.

2. Resilio

Most people using Resilio which I know so much gives kudos to it, one of their testimony is that it gives the power to sync any file you would in a fast and scalable manner. Powered by BitTorrent’s leading peer-to-peer technology.
Resilio is bent on delivering powerful solutions using unique private cloud software. Capable of delivering large files over the internet, Resilio became the world’s first product to utilize such a powerful protocol for commercial uses. You will be able to send large files much faster, even over long distances and unreliable networks.

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3. IDrive

On IDrive, Your file storage woes are no more with just one account and you can manage your backup on all devices from just one location.
The only downfall that too slightly, is the slump in performance from its competitors. The security is enterprise-class and provides it for any device you use.  IDrive Express offers quick backup and retrieval of your data up to 3TB in less than a week via physical storage shipment. It also ensures that there is no bandwidth usage as well. You can also transfer and store your files 256-bit AES encryption with a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers.

4. Google Drive

As it's name implies, Google drive is simply for Google and you know how Google stands in the world. Google Drive is just about the nicest place for you to store your photos, designs, drawings, recordings, projects and oodles of other content. Just so you know your data is automatically synced and can be accessed from any device out there.
It also allows you to invite anyone else in your social circle to view, collaborate and download the files that you want without any email attachments.

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5. Dropbox

Uaing this Dropbox, it allows users to put all of their files in a safe and heavily secured place. This is due to the fact that Dropbox values the privacy of their users more than anything. This also allows users to sign PDFs right from Dropbox.
The free basic account provides users with up to 2GB of free space. If you want more space, you can upgrade it to 1TB(Terabyte) for £7.99 per month. All of your files will be synced automatically on all devices, that's Dropbox for you

After mentioning the 5 best app for cloud storage, am sure you will be able to pick one out of them all.
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