Feb 6, 2018

The Necessary Apps For Securing Your Android device

It is good to secure your smartphone incase of any harmful virus that may attact their smartphone. This growing popularity has led to an increasing number of hacks and cyber attacks against the Operating System.
The most important thing Android users must know about their smartphone is that it need more protection than what is offered by Google.

With these third-party apps, users can provide their smartphones (and tablets) with protection strong enough to combat most cyber attacks. this third party app strengthen your defences to a point where your risk drops considerably. Well, let's go straight to the point. Today I will be showing you some Important apps which is good for defence on your smartphone.

>>Norton Mobile Security
There are many different types of malware designed specifically for Android. Let me shock you..Google has had a hard time preventing such attacks from penetrating the Play Store that means we should not rely on Google to protect us from malicious apps. Instead, we should get a good antivirus solution to make sure the apps installed on our phones aren’t leaking or surfing our data any how. So after lot of research, we finally come across Norton Mobile Security as our top pick for the best antivirus app on Android. Apart from that, Norton also offers a full suite of security features to protect you from multiple threats and hardship experiencing on your phone.

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Note that Android’s default SMS app isn’t encrypted, meaning our conversations travels nakedly across networks with little or no protection. So if your data is unencrypted... This can be help hackers easily to read your text messages or other things.
If you wish you prevent you data from something like that, the only way to defend it is by using a messenger service with end-to-end encryption, meaning your messages are encrypted from the point they leave your phone until they are read by the intended recipient that is why you need a Signal Private Messenger.
According to their privacy policy, Signal only collects the following information: Your phone number, randomly generated authentication tokens, IP address (temporarily), and contacts listed on your device, so even if a hacker was able to fully compromise Signal’s servers, they would have little information about you.

This app is mostly concerned about web so it helps you on strong password that gives a good security on the web . Most people don’t actually use a strong password because it is way too hard to memorise a string of random letters, numbers, and special characters for every account you have. But with a good password manager like this, you only have to memorise one strong password, then the app will take care of everything else for you.
Recently, we checked about the best password manager and LastPass is ranking on the top so for cloud sync features that save your passwords on all your devices to security options like a password auditor LastPass is the best for you.

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I know most of us communicate online but we don't know how our communication is been passed to wach other, As we communicate online..our data travels from our devices through our Internet provider and on to the servers hosting the apps and websites we’re using so in that process, If this data isn’t protected, hackers can intercept it at any point along the way but when VPN is their, I protect everything.
VPN enhances any data coming or going from your device encrypted. Depending on VPN service you use, the encryption of your data can be significantly stronger than the tools used by most websites. The VPN that is very sound in this kind of action is NordVPN and it price is reasonable ($3.29 per month)...With NordVPN, your data will be protected by the highest level of encryption.

By using each of these apps, you are adding layers of security to your device. Your defences are no longer dependent on just one app but a multitude of fail-safes. .

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