Sep 6, 2014

How To Locate/Call Your Missing Key With TrackR App

TrackR according to the developers website, is simply a small, coin size device that can be attached onto valuables such as car keys for easy location/tracking when misplaced by just picking up your phone and calling it. I call this GPS in your pocket.

The TrackR's app which is currently available to Android & iPhone OS, wirelessly keeps you informed by providing you with accurate distance between you and your key and notifies you once you are a specific distance away from it.
For tracking other valuables like wallet, bag, motorcycle, even cloths as the case maybe. All you need do is attach TrackR to it and follow it up with your phone.

Finally with the two way function enabled on this device, you can use it the other way round to locate your phone, by tapping the button on it.

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