Sep 26, 2014

Just Bought My Android Phone What Next! All You Need To Know

Having saved up money from penny, till its enough to get you your dream phone, and finally you've gotten it. But faced with the task of understanding and finding your way around with this completely new operating system different from those you've used before. I will guide you through the basic terms used by Android geeks, including what data plan, Apps to use on this baby of yours.

What Is Rooting And How Do I Root My Phone

As a new bee, rooting might really sound absurd, difficult or too techy to you. But in real sense its really very easy. Just like hacking your Nokia Symbian device to be able to sign your apps yourself, rooting simply allows you to gain maximum control over your device. With root access on your phone, you can do and undo. Such as remove system apps, manage your running apps using greenify, leave your data ON for weeks without losing a kilobyte with droidwall. This are just little to make you understand.

So How Do I Root My Phone?

The easiest way to root your device is using framaroot. Download it here
After downloading, install, and open it. Then click on bromir. After which you can Download Root Checker from play store to confirm it. if this doesn't work for your phone tell us using the comment box below. Or try towelroot

Which Data Plan Should I Go For
In the part of which data plan/bundle to go for, I would have gladly ushered you into the Airtel 4GB For N1500 valid for 2month. But, sadly few weeks back, we got a heart wrecking news from Airtel about the discontinuation of the plan. This might be as a result of the introduction of the Airtel Android Data Plan Though we still don't know if they really meant it. Details of the discontinuation could be found here. So I am left with no other choice but to refer you to the once below:

1• MTN night plan which gives you a total of 4.5GB for N2500.
2• Airtel Android data bundles.
3• Subscribe for cheap MTN data from third party resellers here

Which App Do I Install

Having bought your first Android phone, there are lots of apps/features your old phone wouldn't let you enjoy. But with your android device you are good to go. Here are list of the Top #5 must have apps you need to kick of your Android usage.
Blackmart Alpha

==>Looking through your heart, i bet you already bagan to hate Play Store for consuming too much of your MB, not running smoothly on edge & continuous error reports. Substitute it with Blackmart Alpha.

==>For better camera experience Download Camera360
==>To prevent your Android device from eating up your Data get Droidwall.
==>If you actually bought a low end Android device with low RAM, greenify should help you manage your running apps
==>With Whoscall your days of receiving calls/text from unknown numbers are over. With this app you can just bar then with ease. Get whoscall here
==>For internet freaks, your Opera mini or default browser might be sluggish at times. Download Ucweb or One browser.
==>And Finally if you want to scan & send documents using your phone camera, Camscanner should do the magic.

For questions pls make use of the comment box below. And let us know which device you bought & which you are planning to buy. For recommendations.

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