Oct 8, 2014

How To Get 1.5GB From Etisalat Every Month By Simply Tweaking Your Phone's IMEI

Since the inception of the new Infinix zero that is currently making waves in the world of cheap Android devices, Etisalat Nigeria has been dishing out FREE 500MB every month. To all those who have successfully acquired theirs by just texting MID to 8186. If you have this device and haven't receive your quickly text the code to part take in the fun. But that is not why we are here.
How Do I Get This 500MB And More On Devices Not Infinix Zero
With that said, it will take just some few steps which include;
1. Getting an Infinix zero Imei.
2. Tweaking this Imei into your Android device.
3. Texting the Code, to get your MB

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Getting The Imei
==>As supposed, the imei of any device aught to be exactly 15digit. So what need do is get the first 8digit imei of an Infinix Zero, which is 35585906. Remaining 7digits.
==>Add up any 6 digit of your choice remaining one eg 034235 so it then looks like this 35585906034235x.
==>Now to get the last digit, log onto this site Here.
==>Copy and paste the 14 digits you have already and click on check. To produce the last digit
==>Finally Copy / write out the full 15 digit imei No and tweak the imei into your Android device. If you don't know how, follow the simple steps Here to tweak it using mobile uncle method.

After tweaking, text MID to 8186 on your Etisalat sim yo be bombarded with FREE 500MB instantly every month for 12months. 


After the first month of getting this free mb you will be required to buy Etisalat data worth 200MB to be able to continue getting the free MB for the remaining 11 months. For infinix text MID to 8186 to get your free mb after changing imei while for tecno text Data to 8186

So How Do I Make It 1.5GB?
Am not done yet. To triple this, get a Tecno P3, R7, F7 OR Phantom Z IMEI, get the first 8 digits of their imei and repeat the above steps.

==>For Tecno F7 and R7 the first 8 digits of their IMEI is 86115502
==>For Nokia XL IMEI, the first 8 digits is 35366506
==>Tecno Phantom Z first 8 digit is 35370906

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To get that of those not listed simply get one of such device, dial *#06# to unveil the imei then copy out the first 8digits.

Round up by texting DATA to 8186 and more MB will be given to you.

Should you get a message like you have reached your quota after clicking on the above link to generate you imei, do this instead.
==>Get the first 8 digit of the phone imei you want to change to as stated above,
==>Add up the remaining digits to add up to 15digits
==>Now Goto this site http://imei-number.com/imei-validation-check/
==>Paste the 15 digit imei there and Click on Validate IMEI.
==>If the imei is valid it should inform you, but not valid will write it in red and then Provide you with a valid one below.
==>Just copy the valid imei and tweak to your phone.

Any confusion? I will be glad to hear them. Tell me using the comment box below!

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  1. I have tried the making up stuff but Etisalat rejects the Imei no
    pls I will be grateful if u can send an imei no to me

    1. Am really sorry for the delay. Etisalat actually knows about this free 500mb thereby making it a bit difficult to activate. But no need to worry you just have to keep changing your imei till you get the right one.

      I will advice you do that of tecno phantom z instead. But for the mean time i just sent you the imei you requested.

      Glad to have you here.

  2. pls can I get genuine phantom z imei no.. Email: iam_jaey@yahoo.com.... Tenks in adv

  3. pls can I get genuine phantom z imei no.. Email: iam_jaey@yahoo.com.... Tenks in adv

  4. hi , pls i've been trying difrnt imei since mawnin but I keep getting d same msg......pls I don't knw if u can help me wit a valid imei. @bioduntajudeen2@gmail.com. thnks

  5. Pls bro can you send me nokiaxl imei and lumia 1520, my email is oyestar4real@yahoo.com. It seems that of phantom has stoped

    1. Imei sent.

      That of Phantom z is still very much active. A friend even got his last night. You just have to keep trying.

  6. Can I get a list of imei pleeeaaseee, am from Kenya. It works here too courtesy of safaricomnetwork but it'll be deactivted by early Feb,, my email is quotlantpq@Gmail.com btw the one that works here is that starting with 86155.. I've tried guessing to no aVail please e-mail me a list of those codes

    1. Hello dear!

      Am really very sorry you had to wait this long to get a reply. Its not always like that here

      I was so busy, preoccupied by some offline matters that needed my urgent attention. But all the same i just sent you a mail in respect to what am also about to post here.

      Kindly follow the step given HERE to generate genuine imei for your free mb.

    2. HELP!! HELP!!!
      I successfully changed my IMEI to both that of infinix Zero and Techno R7, giving me a total of 1gb... buh that of Techno PhantomZ has not giving me any data. They kip saying "Request pending" pls help mayb with a diffrent IMEI or something.
      Pls reply to my email *rexiletb@gmail.com*

    3. Get the solution to your problem HERE.

  7. Good work here,
    Please sir I need tecno Phantom Z IMEI
    email: johnayobami63@gmail.com

    1. Sent!

      But it will be better if you follow the instructions HERE to use that of infinix hot instead.

  8. plz mr uche,,,av bin on dz phantom z n tecno a7 sinc,,,all m getin is dz,,, Dear Customer, you have already benefited from this offer. Thank you for using Etisalat.,,,,plz I'll b glad if u cud snd me a valid phantom z imei num,,,,skillmansawyer@gmail.com,,,, tnx.