Apr 29, 2015

Where To Get Accurate Postal/Zip Code For Your Online Applications

Nigerians are generally known for using 23401 as their postal / zip code no matter their location in Nigeria. While that was supposed to be used by residence of Lagos state alone. So if you are amongst this set of people, i need you to know this moment that its certainly not the right thing to do.

As postal code/zip code which ever one you wish to call it, are numbers / codes appended to a particular geographical location. Meaning every town / city has its own postal code. Since this codes are required mostly in some online Applications like Google Adsense, Email sign ups, Amazon kindle writing forms etc. And you using 23401 or which ever one you see others use is simply passing out the wrong information(wrong address).
Where To Get Accurate Zip Code For Your Location?
==>Goto nigeriazipcodes.com or zipcodespostal.com
==>Select your State, Local Government Area, City / town, and Village or street.
==>Then Click on Generate Code.

You can choose to Search by Urban location for codes of the closest city or Search by Rural location to get a postal code narrowed down to your street. This could really help in programs like Google AdSense in pin pointing your exact location for Adsense verification.

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  1. hello Admin, it seems the link to the nigeriapostcodes.com is not working but i found this one http://zipcodespostal.com they cover all postal codes in Nigeria. you can replace the nigeriapostcodes with it Thanks

    1. An update has been made. Thanks for pointing that out.