Apr 29, 2015

How To Participate In MTN Win A House 11 For 11 Promo

Seriously i've actually made up my mind not to talk about this MTN win a house 11 for 11 promo. But seeing the rate at which MTN is advertising and pushing it around everywhere through Google Adsense, by text and on TV simply means they're really in for a real deal.

This promo just like the previous MTN win an Aeroplane also offers an unbelievable, too good to be true packages for the winners. To me Promising to make 11 people land lords in one year for recharging is not a kids play.

The Promo in detail, entails giving out 11 houses to 11 winners this year and also the interesting part of giving out 11,000 every 11 hours for the next 11 weeks. That's twice per day 15 per week and 169 in total making it 1,859,000 in total cash + the houses.

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How To Participate In The MTN 11 For 11 Promo

==>Purchase an MTN sim if you don't have one already and migrate to MTN True Talk by dialing *400#
==>Register 11 numbers y dialing *560*1*Number#
==>Here is the catch! Make sure you regularly call this registered numbers at 11k/s or use upto 11MB worth of data daily.

With the previous Aeroplane promo do you think MTN is being sincere with this? What do you think?

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