Dec 10, 2014

Cloned Samsung Galaxy: How To Spot Fake Phones From Original

Good day guys. Am forced to write about Real & Fake Samsung galaxy phones because the rate at which this cloned (fake) Versions of Samsung galaxy, Samsung phones and other mobile phones are infiltrating the technology market is now very much alarming.
Cloned Samsung s5 from Aliexpress

Most people have gotten there phones bricked, damaged or even worst, for using different methods such as rooting, Imei changing, etc designated for Original Samsung phones on there fake ones or MTK versions (Cloned) simply due to ignorance.
This phones come with difference in both processor, camera, screen resolution and may look very identical to the original based on body design & dimensions.

They are bought at far cheaper rates than the Originals. For as low as N14,000 and then resold at same price as the originals to unsuspecting victims. Example of sites that offer info (though not a crime) on how to get this devices are 14k Samsung galaxy and it doesn't stop there. Laptops, TVs, Home theatres and other electronics are not left out.

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Though this cloned versions maybe useful to those whom may not be able to foot / afford the prices of the original galaxies it would be wise you know how to differentiate the fake from Original

How To Differentiate Between Original And Fake Samsung Galaxy Phones

Brand Name
Look carefully on the phone's brand name there probably will be a difference in spelling E.g SANSUNG, SUNSUNG, SAMSAMG, SINGSUNG instead of SAMSUNG or NOKLA, NOKI instead of Nokia. If none, open the back cover of the phone and check the brand name on the battery and also at the little strip paper inside, where Imei number is written.

Body & Weight
If you have indeed held an original version of a particular Samsung series before, you should notice a slight difference in size, design and weight whilst holding a fake one. As the fake actually do look bigger and heavier.

Samsung galaxy s5, rocks on a 2.5GHz Quad-core Snapdragron 805 processor with a 2GB RAM. Whilst this fake niggaz are built with MTK Octa core processors or less.

The camera, display of a fake Samsung is generally poor compared to the real one. Takes pictures with sizes as low as 300KB. So take pictures with it and see how sharp it is.

Check For Features
Check if the phone has Face recognition, image stabilization, smile detection, HD Video, S-Beam, S-Health, S-Pen, Smart-Stay, ChatOn, Samsung Wallet, SideSync 3.0 or Samsung Content Viewer. I would have included Fingerprint scanner but lately Manufacturers of this clones are now equipping it with finger print scanners as well.

See the image above to view one of this fake device I saw on Aliexpress with finger print scanner on it.
Cloned Samsung S5 USB port

Charger Connector
The USB connector is different between the two. Real Samsung comes with version 2.0 and not 3.0. In v.3.0, we have two ports in one, while the v.2.0 has one. So If the charging point looks like the one in the above image, RUN!!

Original Samsung devices (galaxy, Note 2/3 etc) imei should start with 356, 359. If it starts with 8 or any other number not 3 then its a clone.

To access your Samsung phone imei, dial *#06# or goto Settings=> More=> About phone=> Status. You should now see imei imei there.

Though the language maybe set to English, most things on it may still be written in Chinese

Samsung Codes Test
Finally dial this codes to see if its really original. If it doesn't work, know its definitely a fake.

*#1234# (View SW Version PDA, CSC, MODEM)
*#0*# (General Test Mode)
*#12580369# (SW & HW Info)
*#197328640# (Service Mode)
*#0228# (ADC Reading)
*#32489# (Ciphering Info)
*#232337# (Bluetooth Address)
*#232331# (Bluetooth Test Mode)

Would have loved to include screenshots of a chat i had with one of the Top dealers of this phones where he explained everything in detail. But it would have looked a bit too direct. And i bet by now you should know better. When next a friend or marketer tries fooling you into buying the Clones / chinese versions for prices way too much than supposed you should at least be bold enough to stand them. Be it the sharpest igbo guy at computer village lol.

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  1. The battery lasts for how many hours?

    1. That i cant say for sure my friend. As it depends on lots of varying factors.