Dec 11, 2014

Blackberry Festive Giveaway - Download Paid App For Free From App World

Have you ever wished to download a paid blackberry app from App world but couldn't because of funds? Here is your chance to get those paid Apps for free.

Recently we've all been brazed with free festive giveaways, starting from MTN surprise packages few weeks back, Linda ikeji free #1.5 million giveaway of #200,000 to 8 commenters for 5days at a stretch with lots of others. But now its blackberry all the way.

The Apps giveaway will last for 2 weeks only. The first week runs from now till December 17th while the second starts from December 18th. And every week, the paid apps available for download will be Changed / updated with new Apps. So hurry down now and start downloading HERE

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