Jan 12, 2015

Download Truppr - Must Have App For Finding Fitness Enthusiasts

Working out? Then you need this App. Truppr is a social App that's not all about the chat, pink, tweet, share of a thing, but exists to connect you to a community of fitness enthusiasts. Real people ready for a Workout.

The App let's you maintain a fitness lifestyle by doing all that is to be done in helping you get connected, to meet new people, team mates, fitness partners around your area/environs even while on holidays, business trip or any where you find yourself. Making the whole exercise fun.
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You can either create your own sporting event for others to join or simply join the one's created by other members, to keep fit. And you know what? I wouldn't be surprised if by tomorrow a friend organises a football, basketball, volleyball, badminton match using Truppr App.

What You May Need To Know About Truppr

==>Its an App by a Nigerian but not just for Nigerians(covers Africa for now).
==>You can get linked to other people ready for a workout no matter where you are at any given time.
==>Soon to come on Truppr is a one stop shop for finding and booking sport venues in cities around the world.

Truppr sign upWhere To Download Truppr App?

==>For Android users, download Here
==>For iPhone(iOS) download yours Here

Don't have any device running any of the afore mentioned OS? Visit www.truppr.com to use the web version. Its quick and convenient.

How Truppr Works

Creating an Event

  • Create an account with truppr,
  • Create a sporting event: list your favourite event, indicating venue and total team mates slots
  • Share event with friends on social networks and allow it to do its magic.
It will then alert you whenever a player subscribes to your event. And also alert all players few hours before an event to get them out.

Joining an Event

1. Just Filter through events by city of interest and subscribe to play.
What do you think about this App?

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