Feb 15, 2015

Rooted With Vroot? Replace The Chinese Vroot Superuser App With SuperSU + [Images]

If you got your phone rooted with Vroot (iRoot), you should have noticed this Chinese root manager called 授权管理 1.0.4. (Com.mgyapp.android) after successfully rooting your phone. I saw it in Infinix hot X507 and also a host of other phones rooted with vroot.

The app is really kul and works fine but the Chinese language used in it is simply a no no. As you can barely understand it. Especially when a pop up comes up prompting you to choose either yes/no, allow/disallow - and you really don't know which to select.

This post will guide you into removing, changing and replacing this Chinese superuser app with the normal SuperSU app written in English, which am sure every one of you understand.

How To Replace Chinese Vroot Superuser With SuperSU?

Doing this will not get your phone bricked or harm it in any way. So the steps are 100% safe.

==>First of all go to play store, search and Install SuperSU followed by Titanium backup or Sdmaid apk
==>You will be prompted for permissions by the Chinese root app in Either English or Chinese while installing SuperSU. But either ways, choose the Option by the Right Side
==>At this point, both superSU and the Chinese vroot manager will be conflicting for power, edge over the other.
==>Open Sdmaid, locate the Chinese app 授权管理 1.0.4 and freeze it. See image below.

Note: You can uninstall it right away, just make sure SuperSU, installed & updated binary before doing so. But I'll suggest you leave it in case you need it later.
==>Re-run SuperSU to make sure everything is as supposed. You will be prompted again to install SU binary, just do as told.
==>After that, congrats. You are now rooted with SuperSU and no longer the chinese 授权管理 1.0.4 or whatsoever.

You can verify by using Root checker to check if you still have root. If not, be sure SuperSU updated binary by launching it again.

Hope that was easy enough? Confused? Don't be. Ask your questions.

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  1. process done but how to remove this chinese superuser from my phone?