Apr 23, 2015

New! Download Unlimitedly With #15 On Etisalat For 3hrs - Easylife

If am to make amends to the title of this post, it would be; Browse, Stream and Download Unlimitedly on Etisalat for 3hours With Just N15 only with Etisalat Easylife plan - Etisalat Paygo version 2.0

Hope you get the message? I'll say this is a perfect replacement, alternative to Etisalat Pay go, Go pay. A cheat most coded dudes used to download large files worth Gigabytes (2gb+) in size for just #15. Before Etisalat got hold of it and blocked it. And also a better catch to those whom can't tweak to get free GBs

How To Use The Easylife Plan To Browse & Download

==>Dial *200# to migrate easy starter if not there already.
==>Dial *620*1# to switch to easylife.
==>Opt in by dialing *229*3*7#. You can opt
out with *227*0#.. Make sure you opt out immediately after you subscribed so it won't be auto renewed. But if you don't mind you can leave it.

1. It is 3 hours of unlimited internet per #15 just like the previous Eti Paygo.
2. You can opt in and out to increase your hours.
3. No VPN needed
4. It uses a fair usage policy that throttles down your download speed after crossing some download limits.
5. Each 3hours last 3days, that is if you subscribe today and you're not able to use it due to low battery or other factors, the unused hours will be rolled over for two more days.

Devices Supported?
It Works perfectly on any device. Android, iPhone, Windows phone, Nokia, laptops/PC etc.

So if you have 3G, H+ on Etisalat in your area - then its time to update your PC apps, Android and stream, download all the videos on YouTube lols.

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  1. wokring cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
    Special Thanks

  2. see speed choi!.. Thank you it working for me