Apr 25, 2015

How To Generate Complete Imei Of Any Phone Using Imei Analyser On Android

Lately, it came to my notice that some are still having issues in imei tweaking especially the part of generating the check digit(last digit) of any phone imei when given the first 8, 9, 10, 11 digits.

So I want to take out time to further explain them for better understanding. So no one I mean NO ONE! Is left out, from enjoying all the goodies from imei tweaking being posted here just because of the lengthy I DON'T KNOW HOW!!


Apps Needed?
  • Imei Analyser get it Here
  • MTK Engineering get it Here
How To Generate The Complete Imei Of Any Phone?
==>First of all, if not all get the first 8digit imei of that particular phone.
==>Download and Install imei Analyser from the link above.
==>Open imei analyser and copy, paste the first 8digit number of that phones imei you got earlier on the space provided.

==>Add up any number to it of hand so it becomes 14digits.
==>Now Hit Analyse to get the last 1 digit(check digit) to make it a total of 15digits.
==>Finally use MTK engineering to tweak it to your phone.

See: How To Generate Blackberry IMEI On Android - BBgen

The same procedure follows when given the first 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 digits. All you have to do is add up any number to the one's given already to make it 14 digits. Then hit analyse to to produce the last one. Since phone imei are usually 15 in number.

Hope that was easy & understandable? Your questions will be given maximum attention.

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