Apr 16, 2015

MTN & Airtel Imei For Free 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, And 8GB Without Stress

This may be one of my shortest posts ever. So I don't need to talk much since you all already know a pinch about imei tweaking for free MB, GBs on Android.

I will be giving out new list of imei for Airtel 500mb, 1gb, 2gb, 8gb and MTN free 3gb. All you need do is tweak.
For MTN Free 3gb

Tweak this imei 35410303986 or 86128000093 And send mifi to 131 to receive your 3gb. Dial *559*4# to check. The more you tweak the more you get.

For Airtel 500mb, 1gb, 2gb & 8gb

Tweak this imei 86088720175 or 35842906045, or 35634604008 after tweaking send JOIN to 141 to your free smart sim offer MB. And *123*133# to check. This cannot be accumulated(once per sim). What you get depend on how lucky your sim is.

==>All free MBs, gbs above has 30days validity. Unlike MTN 2go 3gb which is 6months.
==>You don't need extra settings to make it work.

Pls if you are still new to imei changing, tweaking kindly see this post first or use the comment box for assistance.

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  1. tnx admin
    still habing problem
    tweaking my Infinix Zero.

    1. Okay what is the problem you are having?

      You need mobile uncle or mtk engineering to change your infinix zero imei.

      But if "command is not allowed in user build" is the problem you are having then add space between + and E in the command line before hitting COMMAND!

  2. admin pls i need ur help, i need a valid imei for airtel and mtn cus i av generated and tried so many bt still nt working, pls help

    1. If you are having difficulty getting yours, I'll suggest you keep calm and continue to tweak until you get it.

      Its because there are a lot of people also tweaking this. I're recommend the first Airtel imei above. Since that's the easiest for now.

  3. I av tweak and tweak and tweak buh d reply i got is dat am bot eligible atimes error msg. av tweak more than 20 IMEIs.for my airtel though i got 250MB on MTN buh am unable to accumulate. Any help/advice will be appreciated. Thanks boss

    1. Uwc dear! It seems Airtel has wisend up. About 3days back, you only need to tweak once or at most trice to get it. But this days you have to tweak and tweak.

      For MTN, The 250MB from start cant be accumulated. But even that of samsung 100mb which used to be, has being naped and can only be gotten once. Why not try another sim or wait patiently for the next.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes! It still works perfectly on sims that has not been used yet.

  5. Have a problem...always message not sent

  6. uche Francis please is it for ghana the mtn imei