Apr 18, 2015

Trick To Enjoy MTN Zone 4kobo/secs Calls To All Network - Zone Cheat

I've been hoarding this (mtn 4kobo/seconds call trick to all network) for a very long time now. But I think this is the perfect time to let the cat off the bag. And yes I know this is not new to some of you, but there is in fact a large populace out there that haven't heard or had a taste of it before.

This was brought about by my recent search for a better, cheapest tariff plan for calls since Glo bounce which initially charged 12k/s to all network with 31mb per every N200 recharge now charge 15k/s after a daily 1st minute call charged at 40kobo/secs. Which to me is very much unfavorable, too expensive for the average Nigerian.

How To Call All Network At 4k/s With MTN Zone Cheat!

You can call other networks at same 4k per seconds meant for MTN to MTN calls, by simply adding *555 at the end of any non MTN number before calling.

E.g let's say I want to call this Airtel number 08081234567 at 4k/s with my MTN Zone line. I'll just wait once mtn is cutting 4k/s, I'll just dial 08081234567*555 and send! That's all. You can also use this to make free night calls to your friends and family that are using Glo, Airtel, Etisalat lines. And they're you just hit a jackpot lols.

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Trick To Make MTN Zone Cut Less When Charging HIgh(16k to 24k/s)

The Whole concept is simple. MTN zone charges you based on the area/location you are at a given time frame. If you are in a crowded, over populated or most times an area with a good reception for internet connectivity(3G, H+). You tend to pay high compared to those in villages, rural areas.

So to be charged less(4k, 8k, 12k), Turn off your phones 3G network if its ON and try calling again after some minutes.

How To Migrate To MTN Zone
Not on zone? Simply dial the migration code *135*1# to hop in and enjoy with the rest.

Hope this was helpful to you? If there is any other thing you wish to know about this, kindly use the comment box below.

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