May 24, 2015

Jumia Mobile Week Megathon! - What It is When it Is & What To Expect

Its only a few days left to Jumia mobile Megathon (first of its kind). And if am not mistaken, you must have heard about it before now. But are you aware of what it fully entails? Not to worry follow me.

As a mobile user, who've lost or wanting to change phone, a phone lover, whose being longing for a particular new phone, brand of choice from Jumia Online shopping mall, say the Infinix hot Note, its a week you woudn't want to miss for anything. For its going to be 1 week (just one week) of great discount on the best mobile phone brands in Nigeria. Ranging from Innjoo, Infinix, Tecno, Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, and finally LG. 

 Jumia, come the mobile week from 1st to 7th June 2015 will be selling out mobile phones at incredibly low, cheap prices and can be delivered to you in any part of the country. Although No particular percentage of discount was given, expect a busy 7 days of cash and carry! (Pay on delivery is also available).

What More to expect? 
==>Great Discount way better than what a 24hour Black Friday has to offer. On all the above listed brand of mobile phones.
==>Since Jumia is in Partnership with MTN, you get a free 3GB worth of data, free whatsapp for 6 months, and 1 month free music streaming from MTN

==>New phones, such as the much awaited Infinix Zero 2 Kevlar, Innjoo gold(more on this later) will be launched same week so you have the opportunity of grabbing them at incredibly low price too.

Here Is How It Goes Using The Calender
  • ON Monday(1st June) - Innjoo phones
  • Tuesday (2nd June) - Infinix phones
  • Wednesday (3rd June) - Tecno
  • Thursday (4th June) - Apple
  • Friday (5th June) - Lenovo
  • Saturday (6th June) - Samsung
  • Sunday (7th June) LG and that's it.
Don't Know what to do? Go here, search for a phone of choice, write the name down and get ready! Don't dull yourself.

Finally, its been days since i last updated this blog. Have been very busy that i hardly concentrate. But i will soon be done with what i have at hand. So in few days i will be back fully. So if i haven't replied your comment, mail or chat on facebook pls be patient i will reply all one after the order.

For questions kindly use the comment box!
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