Jun 3, 2015

How To Subscribe To MTN Bis With N1 And N50 For BB, Android & PC

The last time I checked, MTN bis is costs N70 & N1,000 for daily and monthly plans. But with this simple code I will give to you, you will be able to subscribe to it for as low as N1 (1 naira) and use it on either Blackberry, Android or on PC/laptops. Hope you are ready?

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Ever since MTN stopped the use of the codes BBCday and BBC for subscription to the bis plans, it has been really tough especially for those that have been using it to browse cheap on their Android phones and laptops. But no need to worry as my next post will cover the new working codes. 

But for today, let's proceed!

To Subscribe For MTN Monthly Bis With 1 Naira

Text BBLITEM to 556
Remove your phone battery and Insert it back after 10 minutes

And make sure you have at least #1 on ur phone. If you didn't get a reply, keep sending until you do. 
To Subscribe For MTN Monthly Bis With 50 Naira
If after texting for several times, and the above for N1 didn't work. 
==>Text BBC to 556 after which you text 1 to 556 to get it at N50.
==>Remove your phone battery and insert it back after 10 minutes 

How To Make It Work On Android & Pc
BB users can start using it immediately to browse and stream unlimited. But Android and laptop users follow the steps below to be able to use it although its capped at 4gb.

For Android

  • Open simple server for Android and set
  • Injection Query/url to: web.blackberry.com
  • Injection Host: web.blackberry.com
  • set your phone IP: and Port: 8080
For PC
  • Open Simple server for Pc and set to web.blackberry.com
  • Open Firefox and set IP: and Port: 8080
Enjoy it while it lasts.

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