Jul 25, 2015

5 Steps To Insert AdSense Ads Any Where Inside Blogger Posts

Hello bloggers amidst, its time to get creative with your ads placement to enable you earn more with Adsense. Here I will show you guys how to manually insert AdSense ads: banners, link ads or whatever ads not necessary Google ads to any where inside your blogger blog posts (Top, middle, button, under image, above image, centre, left, right etc).

No HTML/Java script widget needed and doesn't require you to edit your blog template. As that can be complicating at times. The post was initially posted by Olarewaju Toby of Naijtech and later shared on Nairaland.
Pls kindly note that using this method is quite easy but can be tedious removing them in future if you happen to lose your AdSense account. As you will have to edit every post you've used it on or the codes will be left visible to your blog readers.

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How To Place Ads In Between Blogger Posts

==>1. Log on to your Google Adsense dashboard and create an Ad unit. (Personally, I'll go for Link ads)

==>2. After that, copy the Ads code given, paste to a Notepad on PC and save! (Necessary for future use).

==>3. Now each time you write a blog post, just before publishing it. Decide a place you would like the Ads to appear (Top, middle, bottom or anywhere). After which you turn to HTML view at the top left corner. Locate that spot and paste the Ads code from notepad there.

==>4. Tweak/tune its position as desired then publish. I.e

  • To place Ads at the centre of your post, Add <center> </center> tag to the code E.g <center> Ads code Here </center>
  • To Place Ads Left, use <left> Ads code Here </left>
  • For Right use <right> Ads code Here </right>

==>5. Mission accomplished. Publish when done, visit page to see your ads staring at you.

While doing this, remember to limit the number of ads block (text or banner) to 3 per page. To avoid contacting Jide of Ogbongeblog for help when you get banned lols! Happy earning.

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