Jul 27, 2015

4 Features From The New Whatsapp Update For Android Users

Whatsapp is getting cooler and cooler everyday. I can't imagine myself going a day without reading and replying my messages on the world most wildly used chat messenger. The call features is just the bomb and saves me quit a lot of money.

The company and developers (Whatsapp .inc) recently updated the Android version of the app and included quite a number of new features which I will be listing out here. Feel free to get yours updated and enjoy.

Update Features Include

==>1. Low Data Usage for Whatsapp calls: This option allows you to minimize the amount of data consumed while on Whatsapp call. To get this on, Just hop to settings and select the "Low Data Usage" option.

==>2. Option to set a custom notification for individual contacts on your list.

==>3. Ability to pay the yearly Whatsapp subscription fee for any of your contacts. This one kind of put the power in your hands. I bet you won't hesitate paying that of your girl friend, dad, mum, siblings!

==>4. Mark as Unread feature: This feature highlights the
conversion bar by making it green- thereby serving as a visual highlight for the reader as
against reverting it to the unread status.

Where To Download?

Get the whatsapp update apk from play store or Click Here to download for your Android device

For Windows phone users, just chill. Yours will be ready in few weeks. But as for iPhone users (iOS), am sorry they didn't say. Just keep your fingers crossed.

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