Sep 23, 2015

Sure Fix To IDM Download Bar Not Showing Up For YouTube Videos

Unfortunately, I had to pass through this problem today. Was busy downloading some files to my laptop, when I saw this video on YouTube that I wanted to download too. Normally, with Internet Download Manager (IDM) installed, you shouldn’t have any problem downloading youtube videos. As all you have to do is click on the video, and while its playing on your firefox or chrome browser, a blue bar written “Download this Video” will appear at the top of the video. And the bar once clicked, will give you options to select the video quality and size you wish to download after which it starts downloading.
idm youtube video download bar

Now here is the problem. Today’s own was different. Upon clicking on the said video, the automatic download bar did not show up. After searching for the possible cause and trying out some basic fixes, I finally found out its actually as a result of IDM extension being disabled in the browsers. So if you are having this same problem, just scroll down to get solutions to both firefox and chrome.

How To Fix On Chrome Browser
==>First, Open Chrome Browser, and click on the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” icon at the top right corner of your computer screen.
==>From the drop down, Select More Tools=> Extensions
==>A page should open, just scroll down to IDM Integration Module and Tick on the Small Box by the right next to ENABLE

That’s all. Restart Chrome and try streaming any video. The blue bar should now be accessible again.

How To Fix On Mozilla Firefox
==>Open Mozilla Firefox, and click on the “Open Menu” icon at the top right corner of your Laptop/PC.
==>From the drop down, Select “Add-Ons”. A page should come up, Just click on Extensions.
==>Now you will find “IDM Integration” there. Just click on ENABLE and restart Firefox.

Once done, the blue bar will now be visible for you to download youtube videos when you click to watch them.

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