Sep 24, 2015

How To Bypass Android's Applock, Vault And Other Lock Apps With 1 Click

If you lost/forgot the security code to your lock app like Applock, Vault, Gallery lock, Messenger lock, whatsapp lock or some other Android security apps this post will sure be very handy. Or if you have a friend that constantly lock or hides his or her app and files using this said apps, the D-day has come for you to reveal and unravel that well kept secret of his.

While reading this post, kindly note it is illegal to hack into one's privacy without one's consent. This tutorial is only for educational purposes. So use at your own risk.

This is the easiest tutorial so far. I wonder how the developers of this apps claim to keep our files save from intruders when it can easily be over ridden by a simple techy thinking with just 1 click. The worse it that it doesn't end with the free versions. The paid one's are not left out.

How To Unlock This Apps Without The Security code

For Vault:
==>1. Just go to your phone settings=> Apps
==>2. Locate Vault and click on Clear Data. That's it.

Now go back and launch vault. It will show the welcome page and ask for new password as if you are installing it for the first time. All files like video, photos etc hidden inside will now be accessible. But in some rare cases, you won't be able to see the files again.

For Applock
Just follow the same steps above, but this time when you locate Applock just click on Force Stop! 

Any app requesting for passwords on opening them because of applock will now be accessible like the gates of heaven lols.

Try it on other apps and see if it will work. But pls don't try on my phone oh!

Extra Tips
If the phone doesn't belong to you, To go unnoticed, just reboot the phone, then restart the app if it doesn't restart on its own. The owner will never smell a rat.

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  1. and what if i lock the settings too how will you do that,any body that is so secretive like me the first thing that you need lock is your settings and ones thats lock no changes can be don on the set.

    1. Its as if you got that off my mouth. Locking the settings as well, is a measure everybody using such app should take.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Bros what of Blackberry screen lock. How do I unlock it?

    1. Hmmm thats really a tough one. Lets consider it a topic for another day.