Oct 14, 2015

MTN To MTN Free Call & Data Subscription Codes

You will agree with me that before now, the cheapest tariff plans for calls and sms used to be MTN Truetalk+, Etisalat easylife 4.0, Airtel smartTalk and finally Glo gbam+ before MTN recently did what they know how to do best which is to frustrate their customers by increasing the Truetalk+ call rates to 20k/s.

Now if you where affected by that development from MTN, no need to worry. As there are newer offers you can benefit from. Just scroll down and pick a cheap or should say free call code that suites you. Mind you, the call codes are for MTN to MTN calls only and working on all sim meaning no eligibility syndrome lols.

Cheap Call Subscription Codes

==>1. N40 *567*3*5*1# For 2 hours unlimited call valid for 1 day.

==>2. N50 Dial *567*3*4*1# For 4 days unlimited calls.

==>3. N75 Dial *567*3*7# For 10 minutes call every day for one week.

==>4. N100 Dial *567*3*6# For 30 minutes call every day for one

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==>5. N200 Dial *567*3*5*2# For
2hours call daily for 1 week.

==>6. N250 *567*3*4*2# For 1 week unlimited MTN to MTN calls.

MTN Cheap Data Subscription Codes

==>N500 Dial *567*3*3*2*1# For 500mb worth of data valid for 1 month (approx 30days) and works on all devices. (MTN 500mb for N500)

==>N1,000 Dial *567*3*2*2*1# for 1GB worth of data valid for 1 month. (MTN 1GB for N1,000)

==>N1,500 Dial *567*3*1*2*1# for 2GB valid for 1 month. (MTN 2GB For N1,500)

Kindly Note
This offers are from MTN Just For You promo package. A promo MTN is currently running but are still to make it official. The promo offers every customer different offers upon dialing the various codes. See one of the previous offers here.

Before, the offer is based on both eligibility and difference in offers. But now everybody is eligible but not everybody gets the same thing with the same subscription code. So the above are mine. Dial the codes to get your own MTN JUST FOR YOU OFFER. Remember to read what is on your screen before subscribing to avoid buying 75mb for 500 lols.

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  1. I don't think the plan is for everyone. I tried it on two separate lines and was told I was not eligible.

    1. It is for every one my friend. Although i cant tell why its not working for you, it certainly is available for every single sim from MTN.

      So what exactly where the message you got after dialing the codes?

  2. mine is showing as unknown application

    1. Try another sim. MTN did some minor changes to it so i'd suggest you try another sim or dial a shorter version of the code. That is instead of *567*3*4*1# dial *567*3*4# to view more options

  3. Mine is showing "This service is unavailable at the moment"

  4. Sorry man MTN did some awfull changes to the plans. Even the 500mb for N500 now complain of system error