Oct 18, 2015

How To Search, Buy & Ship To Nigeria & Kenya From Amazon (images)

The air was filled with joy from many when amazon made a statement that they will now be shipping all items directly, without the need for third parties to most countries in Africa. Especially Nigeria and Kenya instead of just books and CDs. That joy i realized is gradually fading away as most people are finding it hard to find there way around the amazon website to get hold of what they want to buy and ship.
how to ship from amazon to Nigeria, kenya
Apart from not being familiar with the site, into searching and locating their desired item to purchase, majority end up not having interest at all as they do not know how the shipping system work. Until they get a guide that will judiciously take them by the hand and show them how to buy and ship to their location, its a No go area. You wont blame them at all - we all love easy things that's why we don't take risks. 

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To cut the long story short, today i will show you how to get accustomed to amazon.com, find and ship anything you want to Nigeria, Kenya or any other country.
Note that although amazon now ships to Nigeria and others, not all products have been added yet. So to know the items eligible to be shipped to Nigeria, Kenya you have to search and see if they are (See step 4).
Steps To Search, Buy & Ship From Amazon To Nigeria, Kenya

==>1. First, Sign Up 
You have to first sign for an account if you don't have one already.

==>2. Add/Edit Address Information
Go to your account and set up your shipping details. To do that, Go under settings and click on Manage Address Book. Edit your shipping details and fill accordingly.

==>3. Search for A Product
Search for the product you want to buy using the search box at the top.

==>4. Refine Your Search
After searching, by the left side of your screen, under refine by, you will see International Shipping. Tick ship to Nigeria or Kenya. Do same for any other country you intend shipping to. See screen shot below.
refine amazon search result
You can as well tick the free international shipping option to see products available for free shipping.

==>5. Add Product To Cart
Your search will be filtered to show products in line with your query. That is products that are eligible for shipping to Nigeria, Kenya or any other country you chose. Click on a desired item to add them to cart.
Amazon refined search result

==>6. Click On View Cart

Proceed to another product to continue shopping and when done, click on view cart at the top right corner of your computer screen. From there, select check out.
Amazon cart
My Cart
==>7. Select Shipping Address
Select ship to this address or select your preferred shipping address from the list if you have more than one address listed.

==>8. Choose A Delivery Option
Choose a delivery option and click on continue. This will now determine the import fee and shipping charges for your product(s). It is recommended that you choose amazonglobal priority shipping.
Amazonglobal delivery option
==>9. Select Payment Method
You can use credit cards (master card, visa card etc) to make payments. Just enter the name written on your card, card number and the card type will pop up automatically.
Amazon payment method
==>10. Review Your Order
After that, you will be met with an Order review page. Check to see if everything is in order and finally clicking on Place Your Order in NGN.
Amazon review your order page
That's all. Your order is complete and sucessfull. You should now go, relax and wait for the item to arrive within 2-7 business days

Personal Note
As seen from my last screen shot above, it clearly (click on it to zoom) shows that amazon dollar to naira exchange rate is currently at N208.727 per dollar. The product (a laptop) is N33,811.70, the shipping and handling fee is N13,035.00, Tax fee is 0.00, and Import duty charges is left at N2,341.92 totaling N49,188.62. Did you notice anything?

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  1. It is a welcome development to know that Amazon now ships to Nigeria.

    Though I learnt that not all items can still be shipped, and those that ships are mostly items own by Amazon themselves, while some third party sellers at Amazon will still not ship to Nigeria.

    But all in all, it is better to still have half door shipping open to Nigeria for some Amazon items that not having at all.

    1. Sure for the fact that amazon has agreed to ship to Nigeria after the long restrictions, is one hurdle crossed.

      As for other merchants under amazon, not shipping their products to Nigeria i think is only but a minor case which i suppose will be given attention in due time. For the main time, its ship what is actually cheap and is been shipped.