Oct 25, 2015

What Date Will Google Send My AdSense Earnings - Solved

After receiving my third payment from Google AdSense, I felt it wise to fill you guys in especially the newbies whose earnings has either reached pay out or about to on when to expect your money.

The idea of reaching payout and expecting money for the first time is usually accompanied with this great feeling of self worth. That you feel like shouting and telling everybody about it. But just so you know, here is when to expect your pay

adsense cheque
Man With Google Adsense Cheque

What's The Exact Date For Payment?

Having received money trice from google, I was able to deduce from it that adsense payments are usually done on the 21st day of every month. But that will mean the next month, after the supposed month you reached your payout threshold. But sometimes its different since that day may fall on a holiday (Saturday, Sunday or public holidays etc). So with that, expect a slight change in date. see screenshot below for a mail confirming payment on 21st Oct.
Google adsense payment alert mail

After Sending, When Will I Receive It?

First, google offers two forms of payment. Which i guess you know by now.
  • Cheque and,
  • Bankwire
To choose between this two options, sign in to your AdSense account on PC, Click on the settings/gear icon at the top right corner of your screen. Then from the drop down, select payment=> payee profile=> pick a payment method of choice and do the necessary setup. 

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Back to business. If you chose the bankwire adsense payment method which I use, getting the money deposited to your bank account after Google has sent it depends on your bank and how long it takes them to process the payment. But it usually takes 2 to 5 working days after Google sends a confirmation of the payment to your mail. In most cases, when its sent on the 21st, I get an alert from my bank (Firstbank) on the 22nd informing me of  payment from GOOGLE IRELAND LTD (see screenshot below). After that, I can now head out to withdraw cash.
Adsense credit alert from bank
As for the payment by cheque option, the actual date you receive your earnings after Google has sent it, depends on your country location, laws and mailing system. If you are in Nigeria for example, it usually take 4-6 weeks. At times it could take more (just like my adsense verification pin and Payoneer MasterCard). Though on rare cases, due to the poor mailing system, you may not receive it at all. However, to prevent, you can chose to get your check delivered by DHL from Google but that will cost a few box. Which puts the bankwire option as the best option to get your adsense earnings paid.

Exchange Rates?
Adsense earnings are usually stated in U.S dollar(s) but that could also be edited and set to any currency of choice. So depending on what currency you choose, exchange rates depends solely on your bank and country exchange rates at the time of payment. Here in Nigeria  the last one I got was at N198.5 to a dollar. Although the bank will also take out bank charges which is usually a few hundreds of naira depending on the total amount.

That will be it on Google AdSense payment date and receive day. You can share your view on this. If you like it, share the knowledge below.

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