Oct 24, 2015

6 Things That Determines How Much You Make From Your Blog

Today, it’s the dream of everybody to make money. It’s also the dream of everybody to make money doing nothing.

Majority think that working online and making money from it simply means making money without doing anything. That’s a fat lie! You can say it’s not as hard/tough as the conventional 8-5 hour offline work but certainly not the above. As you will agree with me that sitting or sleeping alone is work not to talk of sitting, thinking and writing. If you doubt, go sleep for 2 days wake and tell me how you feel.

 money from blog
Blogging is one of the online businesses been crowded by many as its assumed to portray the original do nothing and get paid syndrome. To some extent, that’s true. But if you mean business and want to take blogging to the next level, how much you make depends on the following given below.

6 Things That Determine How Much You Make Online Blogging!

==>1. You:
How much you make online blogging depends on you. It depends on how creative you are. Your thinking cap, how you write, how much energy, time you are willing to invest and how much of your blog you wish to monetize: less ads or ads every where which will actually get you the money but chase your readers in return. So in all, it first depends on you mind set.

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==>2. Promotions/Exposure:
Most at times, what we bloggers do is to spend all the money we earn from our blog on gadgets, food, cloths and other things forgetting the fact that you need to promote your blog to get it across to a larger audience.

If you are the type that engage in such, am sorry my friend. As the more promotions you do, the more people will get to know your blog and as the saying goes, more traffic=more money for you.

==>3. Blog Niche
Sorry to say, but your blog niche matters a lot too. While tech bloggers can make huge money from adsense, affiliate, links, entertainment blog from direct adverts etc a travel blog wont. Why?
Adsense CPC rate for travel/transport blogs are low. No affiliate marketing programe for travel blogs except you want to sell tickets. And to get enough traffic to run direct adverts on a travel blog, you need hard work and when I say hard work, I mean it.

==>4. Monetization Methods/Strategies:
How you monetize and the strategies used matters a lot. For example, a lot of bloggers out there get more traffic than mashable. But mashable makes more money than they do.

The method could be pay per click adverts, direct adverts, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, music promotion etc But the strategies include how you implement them. As for google adsense under pay per click adverts, your income depends on how you position the ads.

==>5. Blog Visitors/Audience
If you monitize using google adsense ads, infolinks or any other pay per click site ads, then you will realize that who visits your blog actually matters. As clicks from U.S and UK will give you more money than those from Nigeria. This affects your over all earnings. Same happens in affiliate marketing. If your blog attracts more kids than adults, then you are doomed. As kids are freaks not buyers! permit me!

==>6. Resources/Workforce:
Resources? Gadgets: Laptop, tablets, phones, data bundle, working environment, time etc. As for workforce, number of blogs matters too in boosting the amount you earn online. With more blogs, you can target different niche and earn steadily too.But you can’t do it alone or you’re die blogging. You need people with great mind set to join hands and do the work while you pay and smile to the bank in excess.

That's it from me. Things that determines how much you earn online as a blogger. If you think i missed any, pls share and lets roll. You can submit you email here to get my new post delivered to you directly.

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