Jun 25, 2016

ETISALAT Blackberry 10 data subscription plan [what to expect]

ETISALAT Blackberry 10 data / subscription plan[what to expect]
Etisalat has revealed data plans for BlackBerry 10 phones. The  BlackBerry 10 plans will enable owners of BlackBerry 10 devices like the BlackBerry Q5 and Z10 enjoy data services on the Etisalat network. Here you will find Etisalat BlackBerry 10 plans with their activation codes. Also we are gonna test it on android phone via tunneling app to see if the above limited data can be bypassed. so keep checking the blog for latest update.

Name of BlackBerry PlanDurationMaximum DataAccess CodePrice
Etisalat BB10 Max – Month30 days1.5 GBSMS MMax to 399 or
Dial *599*4#
3000 Naira
Etisalat BB10 Max – Week7 days360MBSMS WMax to 399 or
Dial *599*8#
1100 Naira
Etisalat BB10 Max – Day24 Hours50 MBSMS DMax to 399 or
Dial *599*7#
200 Naira
Etisalat BB10 Mid – Month30 days500MBSMS MMid to 399 or
Dial *599*3#
1500 Naira
Etisalat BB10 Mid – Week7 days125 MBSMS WMid to 399 or
Dial *599*3*1#
550 Naira
Etisalat BB10 Mid – Day24 hours15 MBSMS DMid to 399 or
Dial *599*3*2#
100 Naira
Etisalat BB10 Lite – Month30 days260MBSMS MLite to 399 or
Dial *599*2#
1000 Naira
Etisalat BB10 Lite – Week7 days70MBSMS WLite to 399 or
Dial *599*2*1#
100 Naira
Etisalat BB10 Lite – Day24 hours10MBSMS DLite to 399 or
Dial *599*2*2#
70 Naira

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