Jun 25, 2016

HOW TO GET FREE USA & CANADA NUMBER IN 10 MINUTES [call & receive calls/text & receive text]

HOW TO GET FREE USA&CANADA NUMBER IN 10 MINUTES [call & receive calls/text & receive text]

Hello readers of naijatechlovers, today I’m gonna show you all a detailed procedure on how to get a working USA/CANADA number for free which can be used to call any usa or Canada number or usa number for free.
If you are among those who have been looking for ways to get free USA number, then you are on the right blog reading the right post. 

If there is anything I need usa number for, then that will be for online usa survey site which pays USA citizens for reviewing product and completing offers. Some of this survey site requires a working USA number as some will call you to speak with you concerning the survey you’ve just finished taking. 

If you search the web on how to get a free usa number all you will see are post concerning callcentric which is somehow a long procedure and isn’t working anymore. So to get a free working usa number in less than 10 minutes here in Nigeria that enables you to call and recieve calls, as well as text and receive text just follow this procedure carefully.

How To Get A Free USA/Canada Number?
==>1. First, download this app in google playstore called freetone.apk here or textmeup.apk here and iPhone users should click here to get the app.

==>2. After that, to get free usa number with freetone app you must use a working usa HTTP proxy [don’t use vpn] else the free “usa number page won’t open” but for the textmeup, you are free to use any vpn choosing usa server.

==>3. To get a working usa proxy just goto http://www.incloak.comor http://hidemyass.com then copy the usa ip and port gotten from any of the above site and go to your phone apn setting and configure your apn to use the ip and port just like the below shot. In my case am using airtel network for browsing so I only edited airtel default ip and port to the one you copied from the site.
http proxies_naijatechlovers.com

Acess point settings_naijatechlovers.com

==>4. Now save it and activate it as the default internet setting and visit this site http://whoer.net to test if the ip is working. If it is working, then you should been shown the IP’s country which is USA and the city just like the below shot.

show my ip_naijatechlovers.com

==>5. Once that is done, you can now go ahead by launching the app and filling in the necessary registration details. 

==>6. When you’ve done that, you will be taken to another page where you will be asked to select either USA or CANADA number. Just select USA and proceed by inputting any city code you wish to get their number. If you don’t know any USA city code to input, you can use any of this city code 213,424,469,972. 

==>7. When you’ve done that, a list of USA number with that city code will appear. Just choose any one you feel you will be able to cram and proceed to complete your registration. A mail will be sent to your email. So login to your email account to verify your account by clicking on the link sent to you from freetone.

==>8. Now you can start given out the number to people and do always make sure that the app is connected. To check if its connected to internet, check your notification bar. Once its connected, you will always receive incoming call and text messages and call others as well.  After the registration, you do not need any USA ip again to run the app. Te IP is only needed for registration and for the other app, you can use vpn.

free USA number_naijatechlovers.com

free USA numbe1r_naijatechlovers.com

free USA number1_naijatechlovers.com

If you are experiencing any difficulties in getting one, just leave a comment and I will attend to you all.

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  1. can you use the usa number to call nigeria or other countries except usa?