Jul 12, 2016

How To Browse Free On Airtel Without Using Any Credit (0.00k)

Am sure you guys are really happy for this, I also am really happy for it because when I wanted to try it , I was like.. it a lie, it can not work, let me just try it but to my surprise.. I saw that I am browsing.. browsing and browsing without having credit on my airtel sim.

At least, I was online on facebook that day up to 3 hours and am still using it uptill now… I chanter Airtel sim card in my house now LOL…. But today I will tell you how I browse  on Airtel sim card without credit..

How To Browse Free On Airtel
>Download Psiphon Pro Lite VPN App For Android but if you have it, no need..
> Launch your Psiphon and configure it like this:
Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:  video.ng.airtellive .com
Real proxy type: default
Click save
Choose USA as location
Then go to more options and untick connect via http

We are done, Go back to app menu and start the VPN. Enjoy…

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