Jul 12, 2016

SOLUTION! How To Make Your Glo Free Unlimited Browsing Work For You

Some people have been enjoying this tweak since while some hasn’t, I have received a lot of complain that it is not working on their sim but I told them to keep trying, unfortunately, I got what is really happening to their own sim. 

Today I will give you the solution to this, I will like you guys to calm down and let me explain what is really happening because there is no problem with the Glo tweak, am sure it will only be disconnecting and for minute, it will connect back…..
The reason why some people are having issues with this tweak is that they active data subscription or airtime on their sim, that is the main issue now

The solution to this tweak now is, try to exhaust all your data subscription and airtime on the sim but if you know that you don’t really have someone to call who can finish up the airtime for you…Try to use this below steps and your airtime will be deducted instantly

==>Open your browser and click here
==>Then choose Pay U to continue using your airtime to browse
That all, when you check your account balance, it will be 0.00kb then you can connect if you still have the psiphon setting but if you don’t have, Click HERE

Am sure with this little explanation, you will be able to rock Glo unlimited browsing.. If you still have any complain which I believe you will not have, drop Your COMMENT

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