Jul 7, 2016

Make Free Calls To Any Country With All Networks

I know you may be surprised and not believing that you can make call to any country for free but let me be frank, it is possible, you can make free call to any country with different kind of networks... Say bye-bye to huge rate of deducting airtime.

With the use of Whatscall, you can call any country for free, Don’t be surprised, Whatscall is an App and it is high time for us to be making call free with the use of App
I will advise you guys to try this App because it is tested and trusted, You will also be given free #1000 for the first time you use it.
UNLIMITED FREE CALL:  On whatscall, there is different offer that you will, one of them is this “unlimited free call”, you will be given extra credit to call all networks which are not even on whatscall. You can receive up to 30 mins calling time each day easily by clicking ads, watching videos and inviting friends

WHATSCALL TO WHATSCALL CREDIT IS FREE: Now invite your friends to join Whatscall so that you can talk as if you are seeing each other

LEAVE A LIVE VIDEO MESSAGE: You c an now indulge your friends with video messaging! , you can easily use it like this, drop video message to your friend who is offline so that when he get online, he will watch the video and see what you have for him/her

To download Whatscall, kindly Click here and sign up to start enjoying this offer. You may also like to check out this post on how to download, install and use whatsapp on pc independently.

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