Jul 8, 2016

Awoof: All You Need To Know About Zoto Mobile App & How To Get N20k+ Airtime With It

Have you heard about Zoto mobile app for mobile recharge that allows you get instant N1000 airtime once you invite/refer somebody to the app?

I came home two days ago from a fixed class, and a friend tabled a problem he is having with AdSense to me for solution. While trying to solve it, I saw a fresh post he write on Zoto mobile app and made a few enquiries which he opened up to me.
Zoto logo

Trust me. After listening to the gist, I quickly downloaded the app and started inviting friends using my default referral code which is UCHE4254.

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What Is Zoto Mobile App?
Zoto mobile recharge app is an app used for mobile top up. That is, it is used for buying airtime of all network(MTN, Glo, etisalat and Airtel) online via vtu (same way as when you make use of an ATM machine to recharge your phone). But this time, you don't have to visit any ATM machine. As all you have to do is enter the amount of credit you wish to purchase on zoto app, key in your ATM card details and your line will be credited.

Is It Secured?
This is where most Nigerians tend to run away. But I have used and confirmed that it is 100% secured. And zoto will not in anyway take your money without you asking it to do so. The better part, is that you can choose whether to save your card details or not. And also, after your first purchase, you will have to key in a four digit pin that only you can remember. With that, no body but you can use the app on your phone.

How To make Upto 20k+ With Zoto Mobile App?
Its simple. From now till the 12th of July, the men behind zoto promises to give you and the person who invited you to register with zoto free #1000 airtime each to call all network after your first recharge with zoto mobile app.
Zoto invite code

How It Works?
Its also pretty simple. Just follow the below steps!

==>1. First, head over to play store to download zoto mobile app.

==>2. After that, open and run Zoto on your phone. A page will be opened. Just type your phone number and click confirm (make sure the number is inside the phone running the zoto app)

==>3. Zoto will call and automatically confirm your line and then move you to the next page. Where you are required to enter your details (first and last name)

==>4. Now to get your first #1000, after entering your name, click on the box that says I have a federal code. And insert UCHE4254 which happen to be my invite code.
Zoto registration

==>5. After that, submit and you're done with registration. The next step is to recharge with zoto.

How To Recharge With zoto?
Simply enter the amount you wish to recharge with, (in my case, i recharged #100) in the space provided and click proceed. Enter your card details (card number, exp date, and cvv code) and then you can choose whether to save or not.

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An OTP pin will be sent to your phone from your bank. Enter that code. And you're done. Your phone will be credited with the amount you entered and your zoto account will be credited with the free N1000 which you can cash out immediately.

To earn as much as possible, just copy your Invite and Earn code and share to your friends while registering. Or you can even help them to register and insert your invite code in the process. See a screenshot of the amount I've made so far from zoto.
Mtn account bal

Note: You and your referrer only get #1,000 upon your first recharge with zoto app. Subsequent recharge might only earn you a few bonuses. To earn more than 20,000 and above, you have to keep inviting people so they make their first recharge. Above all, this promo ends on 12th of July.

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