Jul 15, 2016

WOW! Nigeria Ranks PayPal 3RD In Mobile Shopping

PayPal Holding Inc. is wonderful, Most people uses PayPal a lot to purchase goods and many more, Do you believe this? Nigerian mobile shoppers reportedly spent N128.1 billion ($610 million) in 2015 using PayPal, and on target for N172 billion ($819 million) this year. Yes I believe, IT’S PAYPAL, The NO 3  mobile shopper in Nigeria.
The GM (General Manager) for PayPal Africa and Israel, Efi Dahan, said “Nigerian online shoppers have realized the world is our shopping mall and as such shop wherever and whenever using their mobile devices.
Seriously, we Nigerian, we use and cherish mobile a lot, most people in Nigeria now don’t stress theirselves going from on place to another for shopping, we shop online and they deliver our goods to our different residential.
If you can remember also, Facebook Inc. also affirmed Nigeria as its biggest market in Africa , with 95percent of its 16 million Nigerian users accessing the platform through their mobile devices. But let’s remember that China still remains the global leader of mobile shopping nations, with 85 percent of all its online shoppers using smartphone. Nigeria’s 72 percent is third after India’s 82 percent.

PayPal boost Nigeria a lot, they don’t only purchase, they make deals also online and after agreement with their client, the make use of PayPal, Now if you ask some Nigerian that “do you have PayPal account”, they will say YES so PayPal deserve respect. 

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