Jul 10, 2016

Working Steps to Fix Airtel Bis of 3GB Subscription Not Working on Android Device

Lately, I noticed that the Airtel bis subscription that works perfectly working on android after tweaking your android phone imei to that of BlackBerry (BB10) is having issues.

While it worked fine for a few set of people, the other few are complaining bitterly that its no more working despite their settings still being intact. A friend confronted me about this a few weeks ago and said placing a call to Airtel customer care could not get the issue resolved.
airtel bis 3gb on android

So after much digging here and there, came to a conclusion that its actually those who opted for the Airtel 2g data bundle of 2GB for N200 or 6GB for N500 on the same sim used for the Airtel bis on android that are facing this problem

Now the thing is, if you subscribed to any of the new Airtel 2g data bundle plans before or after subscribing for Airtel bis to be used on your Android, am sorry it won't won't until you fully deactivate the 2g data bundle.

How To Deactivate Airtel 2G Data & Resolve Airtel Bis On Android Issues?

Its simple. To deactivate Airtel 2G network data plan, just dial *482# and select the last option or follow the on-screen instructions.

Also, I learned that some of you even after deactivation are still unable to browse with your Airtel bis on Android. In that case, to make it work I’ll advise you to either change your android phone imei to that of BBQ5 (here is the first 10 digit of BBQ5 imei 3569680585)  or use another sim entirely.

However, if you just subscribed, and noticed its not working, call Airtel customer, and seek for a refund asap. Then later on, use another sim. Don't allow your N1,000 3GB data to waste. Resolve this asap and start browsing back to the fullest.

Kindly drop your comments below. And don't hesitate to share on Facebook so your friend can and resolve theirs too.

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