Aug 6, 2016

How To Earn On Jumia Market Affiliate Program

This is the easiest way to make money online, I will ant you to agree  with me on that, take a look at this,  you just share a link of Facebok or twitter and you get people  to click on that link, after clicking on the link, money is entering into your account, Now tell me, do you have to go to any where before you start making money, NO, with this, you can earn your money while on the bed.

Try Affiliate program with Jumia and see what will be your earning, when I wanted to start also I look down at it but after am into it, I realized that affiliate program is also paying. 

Jumia affiliate is reliable, am proud to tell you that if you sign up for Jumia affiliate program, instantly you will be given N500 commission and take a look if you start the program fully. 
Jumia affiliate really brings money in different ways, when you sign up for the Jumia Market Affiliate program, you will receive a link. You can share this with people to sign up for the program. When people sign up via your link, you get another N300. You will get a commission of N700 anytime someone makes a purchase via your link.  

You get the commission of N700 anytime someone clicks on your link, making a purchase in the span of 24 hours after they clicked on the link. You can also stand to enjoy an easy-to-operate dashboard where affiliates can have a complete view of their performances, commission and just everything else.

You can benefit from Jumia market affiliate, the benefits goes thus….  I have experience of affiliate marketing and am really earning from it,  Jumia Market emphatically aims at empowering upcoming online marketers, digital marketers, bloggers, arming them with tools so as to enable them extract cool gains from their existing online businesses. 

If you which t join in this jumia affiliate marketing, Clickhere

I hope with this, am not been selfish. Thanks.

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  1. nice but are you currently using them?
    how's their promotion this season?

    1. Sure I am using them. Their promotion and commissions are great too. Just left Konga after a few short comings and JUMIA has never failed to yield.

  2. Jumia too lame. I have their affiliate account. Dey no fit supply goods to all parts of the country, but konga can. So I've stopped both for now. It's a waste of time.

    1. Yes you are right my friend. Jumia can't or rather don't supply to all parts. Most times, customers have to travel from there location to a specific zone in there state or locality in order to pick up their products. While Konga on the other hand, supplies to every nook and cranny at a subsidised shipping fee.

      However, for some reasons, Konga is not been sincere latley with their commissions. Which is why I recommend Jumia. Apart from that, JUMIA somehow records massive sales serving lesser audience. How they do that, I really can't tell.

  3. konga is the best for me... jumia na wash

    1. Lols... It highly depends on what works for you bro.

      Jumia is most suitable for affiliate marketers with lagos audience. As that's where most JUMIA customers originate.

      On the other hand, Konga is nationwide but can be tricky with commission at times. They did it to me so I know better.