Aug 7, 2016

MMM 30% Interest Scam or Legit? My Opinion & Advice!

MMM is one sure way of making money (MMM is legit not scam) with ease but I see danger coming... As it may not leave to see December. You know why?
The reason is, cos Its too easy to make money with MMM. You know what that entails? It means everybody makes money. Even the poor, the rich, the needy, the lazy minds and every one else.

What that leads to on a long run is inflation. Since everybody has money, there will be lots of money chasing little goods. The average farmer, trader and the rest will feel reluctant since they too can save on MMM and get extra 30% under 30 days. (Will u work again if you picked N5 million? At least not for a week or two)

Now am not saying there isn't other means of making money that is dead simple. But unlike those, MMM has gone and is still going viral. If you doubt it, goto schools... Students now hoard and invest there school fees with MMM and pay after getting there 30% interest. MMM seminars spreading the good news is going on in most cities (Lagos, Port Harcourt, Owerri IMO state, Abuja, etc even in northern Nigeria) on a daily bases. Recruiting even more and more loads of people.

With time, as long as MMM runs, people will no longer save money in banks. Neither will they go for fixed deposit which offers 5 to 6% yield in a year (MMM offers 30% interest in 30 days). So in other not to cripple the economy of this great nation, expect the intervention of the government and other big companies like the banks and investment institutions being affected by the scheme.

You may be wondering how? Off course they won't come direct and say oya MMM we ban you from operating in Nigeria (if they do, the masses will react trust me). So they can only go indirectly. Example is the various fake MMM sites that are sufficing on a daily bases. See more here to not fall victim.

Finally, am also into MMM and I staked my life savings on it same as most of you. I care which is why am writing this. Enjoy it now and quit for good before it goes dump...

If you register from the above link, you register under my team. Which qualifies you to get my 60% instead of 30% MMM trick. Kindly drop the first five letters of your email address (not full email pls). I will check from my list. If it matches, you get the trick!

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  1. well said and like you said, the only way MMM can run down is when MMM participant's interest wass cold and everyone starts pulling off from the system, if not, i see MMM going a long way to enrich Nigerians life. The only way we all can protect MMM is by reporting fake and scam MMM page to blogger/publishers to uncover the evil work of those longing for the fall of MMM-Nigeria. Less not forget MMM has no central account which makes it impossible for them to run away with our money.

    1. Well said my friend. I believe if the fake versions can be controlled, then MMM will strive. But then one still have to trade with caution know exactly when to hit the road with your accumulated interest over time.